Christian Hip Hop Music Submissions: Best Blogs & Playlists To Submit

Christian Hip Hop Music Submissions: Best Blogs & Playlists To Submit

Written by Cameron Mayo

If you are starting out as a musician, especially in Christian hip hop music, you may find it hard to get your name out there. On top of that, it can be intimidating to submit Gospel rap and even more so if you don’t know where you should submit your music.

There are plenty of Christian hip hop websites, but some are friendlier than others as far as submissions go. Read this article to learn more about the best blogs and playlists for Christian Hip Hop music submissions.

Add This Music is a fantastic music blog specializing in clean music. They have countless playlists that feature independent artists. Among their most active playlists are those for Gospel and Christian Hip Hop music.

Be sure to submit your music here for some quality engagement with a loyal fanbase.


This blog will only feature individual songs (rather than EPs or albums), but this is still an excellent way to get recognition. They have strict guidelines you must follow to be featured on this blog. The curators of this blog want to feature new artists who share their passion for Christian music.

You may find that this is one of the best places to go to as a musician just starting out!

This is a playlist that focuses specifically on Christian rap and hip hop. If you have an energetic track that you are confident in, follow the submission guidelines to get your music in on this playlist.

Christian Hip Hop Music Submissions: Best Blogs & Playlists To Submit

Music fans read this blog because it offers coverage over a wide variety of genres. They also focus on new artists in those genres. Though it began as an online radio station, it has pivoted to be more of a new music blog complete with reviews, interviews, playlists, and live events.

Songdew is a platform for independent musicians to show off their music to over 1 million listeners. Along with opportunities for promotion, they have a community of over 20,000 musicians that you can join. This opens many doors for artist development and future collaborations.

There are quite a few playlists on Spotify that you can get on if you know who to ask. It is likely that your favorite playlists will accept submissions! Here are some other good places to send your music.

Soundplate is a great option because it aims for diversity in the genres that it features.

Spingrey is another great option that accepts a variety of music styles.

Check around to see what playlists you may fit in and send them your music. Popular playlists are always looking for good music to share with their listeners.

SubmitHub is a one-stop location for musicians to submit their music across various platforms. You can look up to see which sites are the best options for your music so that you can be sure you are reaching the right audience.

To Wrap It Up

These are just a few of the popular places you can submit your Christian hip hop music. Because there are so many musicians out there, you can make a big difference in exposure by submitting your music to these blogs. The next step is hiring a marketing company to reach even farther. Between the ones who succeed and the ones who fail, it comes down to who promotes and markets their music better.

Being able to get your music on websites will help you get recognized and build up an audience. Try submitting your music to all the blogs and playlists accepting submissions you can find to increase your chances to get noticed.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Be confident in your work and let it speak for itself.

Once you submit your music to a bunch of blogs, you should try submitting your music to a promoter. Promotion campaigns are a key part of any marketing plan and Omari MC is the best in the business. Click the button below to check out what Omari MC has to offer.




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