Email Marketing Vs Social Media: Why Most Musicians Are Losing Money

Email Marketing Vs Social Media: Why Most Musicians Are Losing Money

Written by Jaron Lewis

When it comes to running a successful business, what do you believe is the most important aspect? Let me answer that for you. Marketing is the most important aspect of running a successful business. In this day and age social media marketing has been the go-to way in advertisement. By using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you can potentially reach hundreds to millions of people with one post, depending on the popularity of your business.

You may have people following you on these platforms, and they have the ability to quickly share whatever you post. However, when it comes to the world of musicians, social media is not the better way to go.

Boosting Posts

Social Media now has this option to “boost” your post: essentially, you pay for people to see your post at the top of their feeds, allowing your post to reach more people. So if you are looking to market your business, especially for musicians, paying to boost your post is your best bet. Unfortunately, this is why certain businesses, mainly musicians, are losing money. For this reason, email marketing for musicians is the better bet.

Email Marketing Basics

Emailing marketing, in the age of social media, has more pros to it than one might think. When you build an email fanbase, you instantly have the ability to market your band for free. Sending out consistent band newsletters will ensure free marketing, especially when you have incentives such as free downloads, early previews of music, etc. and encourage your current email followers to share posts.

Just because email is the best way to market your band, and the least expensive, does not mean it should be the only method of marketing. Here is a great way to ensure increased exposure without having to boost your post:

  • Make the body of each email sent clickable.
  • When the subscriber opens the email, give them the opportunity to finish reading your post on your website by offering a free download on your website at the end of the post.
  • To increase exposure through social media, without having to lose money, encourage your email subscribers to follow them on social media, by offering the incentive of the subscriber being followed back by the band.
  • To the best of the musicians ability, try to “like” each post shared. This will allow your subscribers to feel a sense of closeness with the musician.
  •  Offer new subscribers the chance to download any free content you’ve offered your previous subscribers.
  •  These free downloads can be previews of upcoming songs, pictures of band rehearsals, etc.
  •  Another incentive for obtaining new subscribers is activate a hashtag to be used during certain times, such as before a CD release or concert. Have subscribers use these hashtags to speak about the music. Every subscriber that uses the hashtag will be automatically entered into a drawing to win either a free CD or VIP tickets to the next concert.


By using email marketing to boost exposure for your band, you will be saving the money that would be needed to boost through social media. Instead, offering incentives for your email subscribers to boost your band is free social media marketing. This is the best way for musicians to market without losing money.



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