How NOT To Email Music Industry Contacts

How NOT To Email Music Industry Contacts

Written by Jaron Lewis

It is nearly impossible to know exactly how to make proper introduction when emailing record label contacts cold.  There aren’t any magic words that will get them to respond to you, but there are some things you can do to ensure that they’ll never reply.  If you are trying to launch your music career, try to avoid these things for a better chance of success.

Don’t Send Mass Emails

Sending out a mass email isn’t a good idea for two reasons.  First, it’s lazy.  If you’d like people to take the time to read your email, do them the courtesy of writing an individual message.  For those serious about a career in the music industry, each email should be taken seriously.  Do your homework, don’t just go fishing for replies by emailing all the results from a “music industry contacts 2017”: search.

Second, mass emails represent a breach of trust.  If you are lucky enough to have a music industry contacts list, they probably don’t want their information shared with others, so don’t cc lots of other people in your emails.  It looks unprofessional and careless.

Don’t Be Vague

Make your intentions known in both your subject line and the body of your email.  Make your email easily searchable by including your name and why you’re reaching out, as the company may need to look you up in the future.  Also, make the body of your email brief, with a few words about who you are, the purpose of your contact and why you think you might fit.

Do NOT write your life story in the email. Industry bigwigs get flooded with emails. They don’t have time to read every last word in an email essay.

Don’t Be Inappropriate

Remember that you’re not performing, you’re trying to establish business relationships with record label contacts.  You can still be you, but remember to act professionally. Use proper spelling and grammar and avoid slang and foul language.

If you want to have a career in the music industry, treat each email like a job interview. You wouldn’t consider casual communication with or swearing at a potential employer, right?

Image Via Miss Literati

Don’t Send Unsolicited Attachments

Sending emails with attachments is a great way to not get your email read by anyone in the music industry.  Anything you need to say should be put in the body of an email, such as links to websites, portfolios or social media accounts.  If you consider the large number of emails record labels get each day, it seems utterly unreasonable that they would have the time to download all of them.  If you’re sending a demo, don’t attach it to the email unless a company’s submission policy allows it.  Put a link to your music on Spoitfy or Soundcloud in the body of your email instead.

Checkout some of the record labels that are open to submissions here →

Don’t Be A Sore Loser

Sometimes you’ll get a firm no from a label.  Most of the time, you won’t get a reply at all.  Sometimes, you’ll get a yes, but keep in mind that most of those people won’t be able to bring you to the next level.  

If you’re really lucky, you might make it big.  Whatever happens, act gracefully, and remember that you are the one who can make or break your career.



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