Falsetto Vs Head Voice Vs Chest Voice: How To Master The Difference

Falsetto Vs Head Voice Vs Chest Voice: How To Master The Difference

Written by Jaron Lewis

Different ‘voices’ makes all the difference for a singer and show the quality of a truly excellent artist. To master the falsetto, head and chest voices it’s important to first understand what all three are.

The slight differences in the voices we use when singing make for a truly beautiful sound and the indicator of a true master is one that can seamlessly slide from one to the next without noticeable changes.

Falsetto Vs Head Voice

When talking about the falsetto vs. head voice female, it can be difficult to hear the difference to the untrained ear. Some still claim there is no difference between the two but it is actually the case that these two voices are slightly different.

The falsetto voice is more of a thin sound that the head voice as it uses only the leading edges of the vocal folds to vibrate. The falsetto vs. chest voice is much easier to differentiate between as the chest voice is a much richer sound that resonates in the lowest register of the voice.

Head Voice Vs Chest Voice

The difference between head voice and chest voice is also much easier to spot than between the falsetto and head voices because of the richness of the head voice. The head voice uses a mix between the falsetto and chest voices however it is less strong than the chest voice. The chest voice is a very deep and rich sound that resonates whereas the head voice still has aspects of the falsetto.

Finding The Head Voice

Finding head voice can be tricky as it is the perfect mix between the falsetto and chest voices. It is more common for people to use either one or the other but combining parts of both the falsetto and chest voices.

One of the best ways to explore your different voices is to place your hands on the crown of your head and the back of your neck while you are singing. You should be able to feel the different vibrations as you are moving through the pitches and this will help to indicate what vocal area you are using.

Adding Depth

Adding depth and richness to the head voice is where most singers become stumped. Finding where your head voice is coming from is the easy part but giving it the depth it deserves can be tricky.

The best way to wow people with your head voice is to find where it comes from and when you are using it, make sure you take a deep breath and push the air out at the same time as the note. This will fill your voice with richness and depth more commonly associated with the chest voice.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning to control your different voices can be difficult however with enough time and practice it will become second nature. Make sure to fully lubricate your vocal cords before singing and enjoy the new depth you will find comes with practice and hard work.



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