5 Vocal Exercises The Pros Use To Improve Range & Pitch

5 Vocal Exercises The Pros Use To Improve Range & Pitch

Written by Jaron Lewis

As a singer there are ways to improve the range and pitch of your voice through some different vocal techniques. The common way to improve anything and make it perfect is through practice. Some of the exercises listed below you may be familiar with while others may be new to you.

All of them are meant to improve your range and pitch to make you a versatile singer. It also helps to make you a more consistent singer especially when you’re performing live. Below are some of the exercises that pro musicians use to improve their vocals.

1. Sing

Ironically, one of the best exercises for improving range require you to literally sing the words 'I love to sing' with a large smile on your face. This exercise will improve your range to levels you may not even be aware of.

You should sing the words by starting off slow and then raising to the octave. Slowly ease back to the root of the cord by coming down the 5th and third cords. (For tips on music theory click here)

2. Ear training

One way to make sure that you are singing the right pitch is to listen to yourself as you sing. No we do not mean record yourself but you can take advantage of this daily vocal exercise. Sing the Solfege every day and do it without the help of an instrument such as the piano.

The vocal exercise should help train your voice while training your ears. Listen to every note that you hit carefully. This improves how you sing even in the absence of your instrument.

3. The Siren

An easy way to see if you’re vocally strained is by attempting the siren. You can attempt the siren from the low range and hit the low notes. Slowly ease your way to the higher notes and see if you can hit them too. Once you have achieved both the high and low notes then you are good to go.

This exercise needs you to imitate the sound made by a siren. This daily vocal exercise will improve your stamina and let you hold a note longer.

4.  Lip buzzing

Nothing can kill an artist more than not being able to perform a full set on stage. Most beginners can perform this exercise easily without the help of a trainer. You should feel a tingly feeling on both your cheeks and your nose when you perform this exercise.

Vibrate both of your lips together without making a sound. It can be weird and awkward at first but you should eventually be able to hold it for 3-6 seconds.

5. “Mah-May-Me-Mo-Moo”

Remaining on a monotone sing the words out slowly. Make sure to pronounce every syllable in the right way. All the Ms should be distinct. This singing exercise is especially great for beginners to help them with their range and also pronunciation. Often times beginners will mumble parts of a song because of a lack of stamina.



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