How Do You Find The Absolute Best Music Manager Possible?

Scooter Braun and Troy Carter How Do You Find The Absolute Best Music Manager Possible?

Written by Jaron Lewis

There is more to music than just writing lyrics, going on tours and getting gigs. Its anatomy is more similar to humans. We can’t walk without legs and we can’t walk headless either. We need all the organs to function normally. A musician needs a guitarist, keyboard guy, a drummer, and more so a manager.

There was once a musician who used to think that A&R stands for Artists and Restaurants. This is what you end up looking like when you don’t have a manager to elaborate for you all the aspects involved in the music industry.

You can’t handle all the tour schedules, events, marketing and deal with your taxes at the same time. You need the assistance of the best manager and not any other manager.

Well, to start with, the best manager should be an individual that understands the ins and out of the music industry well. These are not individuals that tag along musicians for financial gains but are fully equipped with info that will make the band or the musician a better person(s) than their former self.

They respect musicians and will do anything to protect their image as well as interests. Here is how you can find such managers.

1. Look Around You

Calling management firms for a manager isn’t a bad idea but, maybe it shouldn’t be your first option. Look around you and appoint someone that has been with you all the way since you made your first baby step in your career. A person who appreciates what you do and is more than willing to offer constructive support. How about the person who always helps you load the equipment back to the truck after the event or the one who always distributes your flyers?

Music management companies How Do You Find The Absolute Best Music Manager Possible?

2. Experience Is Mandatory

The purpose of a manager is to help, and therefore they must have something to offer. A manager who bumps into movie makers should be able to ask if they need any song to match their theme and grab the contract for his band.

If the manager is not experienced but possesses other suitable attributes, he/she should be open to new ideas in order to learn quickly, if your manager to be is looking for tips and tricks of the trade have them start here ---> How To Become A Music Manager.

3. Use Reputable Online Forums

Another way of finding a music manager is through online forums and magazines that are filled with experts from the music industry. If you advertise yourself on these forums, many people are likely to beckon you their way; go for those who have represented other successful musicians. That is the only way to know that they will be useful to your career.

4. Use Your Friend

If it feels uncomfortable dealing with a new person, a loyal and trustworthy friend can make the best manager at times. It doesn't matter if they know anything about music. They only need to be enthusiastic about your career and make efforts to learn the nuts and bolts of the music industry. Encourage them to take private classes to accelerate their learning process.

As stated earlier in this article, if they are looking for tips and tricks of the trade direct them to our article on how to become a music manager.

Damon Dash Music Manager

5. Let Them Find You

Sounds confusing right? The truth is, finding a music agent that is dependable is not easy. You will need to DIY until the right person comes along. If you opt to use this technique, then the manager that comes up should be experienced and be ready to take some burdens off your shoulders right away.



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