How Musicians Trick Their Mind To Overcome Stage Fright

How Musicians Trick Their Mind To Overcome Stage Fright

Written by Jaron Lewis

One big part of being a musician is performing on stage in front of an audience at local gigs. If you are someone who is timid and afraid of this idea, you really need to learn how to overcome your stage fright. You may be surprised that there are so many performance anxiety musicians but there are a lot of musicians that struggle with that.

In fact, there are quite a few famous musicians with performance anxiety that fight this same struggle. This will explore this very sensitive topic in more detail to help you trick your mind into overcoming stage fright.

Prep For The Event

You first should prepare for the event. Plan out how things are supposed to play out while also rehearsing to make sure all of your music is on point so you can maximize fan retention.  This is a great way for you to build up your confidence, which will help ease your mind so you can take on your stage fright. Before going out on the stage, be sure to relax through methods like meditation.


Meditation is perfect for getting your mind to relax. When you go out there relaxed and calm, you will notice less tension in your voice and that will make your performance better. Meditation has been used as a calming technique since long before you and I. As the old saying goes, if it's not broken, don't fix it. 

Act Like They Aren't There For You

You can play a little trick with your mind to help you feel more relaxed about your performance. You can tell yourself that they are not really here to see you, something that will be especially helpful if you are a part of a band.

The audience just wants to hear some great music and they are looking for you to offer it. They may not even bother looking at the stage, especially if you are performing at a bar. Convince yourself that you are just the medium for the entertainment that they are here for.

Some Of The Famous Artists Who Struggle With Stage Fright

It can also be very helpful for you to know that some of your favorite artists also struggle with stage fright. Having someone that you hold in such high regard be afflicted from a similar issue can really ease your mind. To help with this, we are going to look at some of the top artists that manage their stage fright.

For instance, Adele is easily one of the best artists around today. She sells out concerts everywhere and people just get lost in her music. Adele has been very vocal about her struggles, frequently discussing how much she hates live performances and even admitted that she has anxiety attacks while she is on tour.

She does overcome to perform on stage, but she is far from the only famous artist that struggles with this. Other artists include Cher, Ozzy Osbourne, Carly Simon, and Barbra Streisand.

Keep Hope Alive

If you are struggling with stage fright, you should know that you are not alone in this matter. There are a lot of big stars that do have to overcome their stage fright to perform for millions of people. If they can overcome it for their large arena gigs, you can overcome this for your local gigs.



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