How To Become A Pitch Perfect Singer

How To Become A Pitch Perfect Singer

Written by Jaron Lewis

You may be saying to yourself “I want to become a singer but I don’t know how”. It can be difficult learning how to become a singer-songwriter, but you can learn these skills if you work hard enough at it. Things like learning how to correct pitch can be some of the most difficult aspects of this.

There are some tips that you can use to help you overcome these deficits and follow your dream of having a career in music. These are some ways that you can become a pitch perfect singer and become a better singer overall.

Learn To Hear

There are a few different parts that you need to master if you are going to master pitch to become a better singer: being able to hear the differences in pitch and learning how to control your voice. This means that the first step in learning how to sing in pitch is to train your ear to recognize pitch. Some people may find this a bit easier than others.

That is because some people have what is known as a “natural ear” while other people may be “tone deaf”. The good news is that if you are considered to be tone deaf, you can train your ear to recognize pitch. It is highly recommended that you find a digital tuner for this task, but a guitar or piano can be helpful as well.

Digital tuners really are the perfect tool though, as they can let you know if you are flat or a bit too sharp when you are singing. If you do not have the ability to get these tools, there are websites that can help you out.

Vocal Conditioning

Create a target note and really listen to it. The term for this is called “auralising”. After you hear the note, try to replicate it. The digital tuner will let you know what the issue is so you can adjust. Keep gradually changing your pitch until you nail it.

If you do this as part of your vocal conditioning for about 5 minutes every day, you are going to learn pitch in no time. Just know that for most people, this is something that will take a fair amount of work in order to master. Once you have mastered this, you can move onto the next step.

Pitch Variations

Once you have learned how to sing in pitch, you will need to learn all about how you can vary pitch in music as a way to create a beautiful song. There are 3 different manipulations that you need to learn about: vibrato/tremolo; pitch bends; and slides. Vibrato/tremolo is where the pitch fluctuates up and down. Slides refer to when a pitched is adjusted slowly to move from one note to the next. Pitch bends is where the singer will adjust pitch up or down just a little bit for effect or to reach the next note.

These are basic singing skills that you need to master if you want to become the best singer that you possibly can. Remember to keep practicing and you will learn this talent very quickly.



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