How To (Easily) Make Dope Visuals and Videos For Your Beats: Step by Step

How To (Easily) Make Dope Visuals and Videos For Your Beats: Step by Step

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you are trying to make your big break on YouTube, you absolutely need to learn how to make a video for your beats. Understanding how to make a type beat video will help you to get the views that you need to get discovered and break into the industry.

Think about some of your favorite producers on YouTube. They know how to make visuals for beats, allowing them to stand out from other producers. This will help you to learn how to make music videos for beats by giving you a step by step guide to ensure success.

Create A Great Beat

A video or visuals will be nothing if your beat isn’t great. Stunning visuals make visitors come back once, but great beats make them continually come back to hear them.

Sometimes people think that great visuals should be the focus but when you make great beats, you will stand out from other producers that may have subpar beats in comparison. Creating great beats is the first step to making videos.

Make the Beat On Camera

Once you have finished making your beat, reshoot yourself making the beat. Get several different angles of each step, making sure that you get your professional equipment on camera to show you recording your beats in a professional manner. You should use high-res video and make sure the lighting in the area is good so that the videos have a professional look to it.

Use Creative Editing Techniques

It is okay to look at other producer’s videos to see what they do as far as editing goes. This can give you some great inspiration when it comes to editing your own video. Be sure whatever graphics you choose for your video are high-quality graphics, as this offers a more professional look for users.

If is better to have fewer high-quality graphics than a ton of low-quality ones. It can also be a great idea for users to create beats from unique items, like using their phone or video game systems.

Marketing Graphics

Create a logo for your production company. This can be shown as your banner on YouTube. It should also be added into your video at the beginning and/or end to show off your brand.

This logo should also be used across all of your social media pages and websites in addition to your YouTube brand. Think of your beats as a part of your brand. You need to raise brand awareness of your company so that people continually return for your beats.

Watch It Before Posting

It is crucial for you to check your work before you post it. Be sure that you check for any inconsistencies in the editing, make sure the quality of the video looks great, and only post something that you are proud of.

Your videos are a reflection of who you are as a producer, so it is important to post only high-quality and professional looking videos.



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