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How To (Finally) Monetize Your Music & Videos On Facebook & Instagram

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Written by Cameron Mayo

So, you’ve decided to try to make money with Facebook videos? Or maybe you’re an Instagram star that wants to finally use their talents for more than just fame? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Before we get started, please know that making money with Instagram and Facebook isn’t as easy as it once was. Facebook video monetization system has had a bit of an overhaul and only select users can easily use their monetization system.

Currently, the only native way to do it is through their Audience Network, but even that you have to apply for and it is only available for third party mobile applications that integrate Facebook’s technology.

Instagram has similar rules, as it is owned by Facebook. The best way to make money on either is to use third party sources like TuneCore or Patreon. For the rest of the article, I’ll exclusively refer to Facebook but know that most of it will also apply to Instagram.

Monetizing Facebook Videos

An exciting new option for monetizing your music is through TuneCore. If you use them as your distributor, you can monetize your videos on Facebook and Instagram for free. You will continue to keep 100% of your revenue, the same way it works with songs sales. The money you make from plays will be dispersed to your TuneCore account. It is a direct and simple option if you are looking to capitalize on your Facebook videos.

Patreon is also a good way to make money off your content, despite it not being direct monetization of Facebook videos. Their whole mission is about getting creators paid for their work and talents, and they do a good job of that. Although there is not seamless integration with Facebook, sharing Patreon posts on Facebook will directly fuel conversions. The goal is directing your Facebook following to your Patreon so they can buy your music and support your craft.

What Not To Do

Even if you’re not using Facebook directly for monetization, or if you’re one of the lucky few able to use their monetization system, your video will have to fit their community guidelines. We won’t go through all of them, but there are a few recent additions we want to touch on that make your video unfit for Facebook. Your video cannot feature:

• Tragedy & Conflict 

You may be thinking, what gives? In response to the US Presidential 2016 election, Facebook has made some drastic changes to their community guidelines. This is one of them. Even if you want to simply educate or promote a recent tragedy or even a past one, you cannot do it on Facebook and expect monetization.

• Social Issues

Like tragedy and conflict, you may be wondering, why? This guideline may also be in response to the backlash they received after the US Presidential 2016 election. Like before, even if you want to simply raise awareness of an issue or educate people about it; you cannot upload it to Facebook for monetization.

• Excessive Alcohol or Drug Use

This is really important if you the genre is known for featuring such things, like gangster rap, heavy metal and so on. You can be a rebel and upload the video anyway, but it may be taken down.

• Luring Viewers to Directly Engage with Content

Specifically, you cannot ask viewers to comment, like or share a post. Essentially, no end tags. It may seem counter-intuitive, but this may also be in response to backlash during the election.

Directly Concerning Music

If you’re thinking, “I don’t want to monetize random videos! How do I monetize my music on Facebook,” we have some good news for you. As stated before, it’s best to work with partners outside of Facebook to monetize videos, rather than Facebook directly. For indie artists, the number one publisher is DistroKid. They distribute your music to platforms like Facebook, as well as Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and others.

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