How To Find The Perfect Singer Or Vocalist For EDM, RNB, House & More

How To Find The Perfect Singer Or Vocalist For EDM, RNB, House & More

Written by Jaron Lewis

So, you have the music, you've learned your instrument, but you can't carry a tune to save your life. Or maybe you just don't find singing challenging enough. The question on your lips is – How do I find a singer for my band?

Well, this could take a whole lot of searching, or it may even be someone you already know. But you will have to do some searching and go through some trial and error before you find the right one. Here are some ways to find the best vocalist for your music:

Top 2 Singers We Love 

Druhepkins - A professional voice-over actor, music composer, and writer that can also edit or convert any audio or text file type you need. She is also an amazing singer and someone who will make your next track stand out.

Soosmooth - Male vocal ideas and demos for your project, exclusively on fiverr. He's worked with top producers, music labels, and audio clients. He is a top rated seller on fiverr so the quality of his work is as good as guaranteed.


Websites To Find Singers

There are a whole host of websites out there dedicated to connecting singers with music makers. Websites like can help you find vocalists online with review systems, resumes, samples and more. And if you don't like SoundBetter, there are plenty more besides. Y

ou can find EDM vocalists for hire all over the internet with a simple and quick google search. Even sites like Youtube and SoundCloud can be great resources for finding fantastic new talent. The covers that the most views might be an indicator, but you should also take a look at the lesser known channels to see if you can find a hidden gem. And the bonus of this is, it is free!

Trying to find vocalists in your area can be a bit of a toughie but again, you can use the internet to great effect here. There will be adds on Craigslist and other sites where people post positions and jobs that they are looking for.

Local Venues 

You can also visit local music venues and see if anyone has been asking around for a band to join. Put up posters and flyers telling everyone what kind of vocalist you are looking for, and you will get plenty of candidates wanting to try out. And better yet, let your friends and family know that you are looking for a vocalist.

You never know what people are doing in their spare time, and someone you know may have been taking singing lessons for the past year and not breathed a word. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to work with someone you already know and trust because you think it will be a waste of time.


Finding the right vocalist for your music takes time, and perseverance. You will probably go through a lot of auditions and a lot of vocalists before you are happy with the sound, but once you find the right person, all that time spent will seem like it was totally worth it.

The time you've spent honing your skills and shaping your music deserve the best talent you can find to vocalize it, and whatever you have to do to find that perfect person, you should not be afraid to do it. The sky is the limit here and settling for mediocre is not an option. Your music deserves better than that.



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