How To Get A Recording Contract With Real Experts (#3 & #5 Are A Must Read)

How To Get A Recording Contract With Real Experts

Written by Jaron Lewis

The prospects of a new career always produce a certain urge that makes one want to do everything at an ago. While this fire is good to get one started, it can also be a surefire road to failure. Starting up a project requires a sense of keenness and the art of thinking twice or at least evaluating the usefulness of the resources at your disposal before you get started. It is easy to find yourself working with the wrong people who know nothing about your career but are interested in one thing only- self-advancement.

The music industry is similar to many other corporations. There are those who bathe in their own sweat as they try to learn the tidbits of music production and marketing, and there are the lazybones- those who use sweet words to get an artist to sign up a contract with them yet they know absolutely nothing about music production apart from signing a recording agreement.

When you are on the hunt for recording experts, make sure to go for the common names or the legitimate ones. Let’s go through the following steps that a musician can use to get a recording contract with real experts.

1. Single Out Your Most Preferred Recording Label

As said before, the recording label you choose will decide how far your music will spread. A fledgling musician can find it hard to swim through the turbulent celebrity waters and get his /her songs listened to. It takes the hand of an established recording label to showcase your works to the public. However, many musicians get it wrong when selecting recording labels and end up being screwed. You should choose a company that leaves you with some level of freedom and control over your work.

Def Jam Recordings How To Get A Recording Contract With Real Experts

2. Pick Those Who Take A Chance On You

Many indie labels are known to give newbies a chance to prove themselves worthy of their support. So, if you land on record (actually) labels accepting demos, you should take that opportunity and hand your samples over to them to help you reach your greatest levels. The bigger corporations are more interested in making money to sustain themselves and will rarely give you a chance unless of course, you have a powerful being ( maybe an established musician) to connect you to them.

3. Promote Your Music Through THESE Services

Finding an organic music promotion service is hard these days for artists. With so many services claiming to be legit, it's difficult to tell which ones you can trust.

That's why we've taken the liberty of compiling a list of services we recommend and have used in the past. If you want to be like every other artist (who never does anything with their career), you can not try to promote everything for free. Business doesn't work like that, neither does your music career.

I got over 100,000 organic plays on my latest release through promotion with the help of some of these services. Click the button below for the list.


4. Check Out How Artists In Your Genre Have Fared

Once you have picked out your recording house, it is essential to review how the previous artists in your genre have fared since they joined the house. You don’t want to wind up in a place that has killed careers of many other musicians, do you? Join the band only if many artists have enjoyed significant success with the recording firm.

Jay Z How To Get A Recording Contract With Real Experts

5. Contact This List Of Labels

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While you are thinking of getting signed to a recording label, bear in mind that competition is stiff. You have to make sure you contact them using the right words and being forthright about your talent, click the link to view our guide on how to network with labels and executives.

Listen, recording houses already have a pile of demos in their offices (and other in trash bins) because they not cut out as worth gambling for. If you want your demo to be listed to and get to sign a contract with them, you’ve got to supplement your bid with something more, like inviting them to a performance and have them check your gig. This is one way you can outshine other competing fellows.

There is a list of labels who accept demos here


6. Give The Best First

Everything is about business, and any good marketing team will secure a larger market for himself/herself by giving out the best products first. If you really need to ink the deal with a recording label, then you need to send your best demo package first to secure the deal. Average demos will get your CD thrown into the reject list.

submit music How To Get A Recording Contract With Real Experts

7. Do A Follow-up

So you sent your demos to them and went about with your daily activities? Huh, you might wait forever without getting a reply from them. Many recording labels have their hands full with many other demos and the only way you can get yours to the top is by reminding them to listen to it.

8. Get Yourself A Manager And Use A Popular Production Company

Major recording labels cannot afford to waste even a minute of their time listening to indie artists fighting to survive. They are surrounded by popular lawyers, managers and production companies. The only way you can reach them is by using the same popular individuals and companies and let them talk amongst themselves (yeah, here like poles attract each other!)

9. Submit The Best Format

Providing the recording company with the best format of your demos makes it easier for them to listen to them. You can send a CD over to them via the address on their website or email them links the demos on your SoundCloud for direct streaming. The latter is the most preferred since opening disc players to insert discs is a bit cumbersome.

Don’t send them MP3 players as attachments in your email. They are likely to be deleted pronto if at all they won't end up in the spam folder first. Who would want to download an attachment from an untrusted source?

10. Get An Attorney

A recording agreement doesn’t differ from other forms of agreement. You need an informed attorney to comb through all the forms provided by a recording label to avoid disputes. This also ensures your royalties are protected and that your work won’t be brushed under the rug. Besides, there will be no deal if you don’t have an attorney. It’s that simple.

You have already come a long way writing your music, and it should not stop there. You need to benefit from it and get your name out to the masses. Follow the steps highlighted above and you will land yourself a good company to sign a recording contract with.Don’t send them MP3 players as attachments in your email. They are likely to be deleted pronto if at all they won't end up in the spam folder first. Who would want to download an attachment from an untrusted source?



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