How to Get Your Music Videos on Vevo & Why You Should Put Them There

How to Get Your Music Videos on Vevo & Why You Should Put Them There

Written by Cameron Mayo

If you have a song or two that are getting a lot of attention, one way to keep that up is by making a music video. There is a huge variety of successful styles of music video and your first one can set the tone for the rest of your brand. So be thoughtful when you decide on what kind of video you make. Once it’s ready, the goal is to get it on Vevo. They seem to have the monopoly on popular music videos. This article will discuss both what Vevo is and why you should put your videos onto the site.


If you haven’t already, you should check them out. Vevo is a video sharing platform, sharing videos through YouTube. Many musicians recognise the power of visuals to enhance their music and help the audience connect with the material. The stronger the audience connection, the more likely they are to play the song again, purchase an album or merchandise, or attend a concert. All of these are important because that is how musicians make money.

Vevo helps connect people with artists they love and the stats suggest they do a brilliant job. Vevo reports 25 billion shares of music shared and 1,010 million hours of videos viewed each month. Those are astounding number and a testament to the success of the company. Imagine a powerhouse company like that working with your band to increase your exposure online. But how do you become associated with a company like this?


To get your music video featured on Vevo you first need to find some Vevo partners. They will be responsible for liaising between you and Vevo, and putting your videos on Vevo. There are plenty of partners online to choose from, most are free and offer you the chance to keep most, if not all, of the royalties. They will also be responsible for getting your videos certified on Vevo.

Once your videos have been approved it will usually take between one to two days for the partners to upload it onto the platform. As there are plenty of partners to choose from, look at the fine print and make sure the one you select is the best fit for your band.


There you have it, everything you need to know about Vevo. If you have the content, you should be doing this. If you have a great single, make a video and start getting on Vevo. It’s one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world with mind-bogglingly large numbers of shares and views each month. It hosts some of the largest artists in the world and could generate huge exposure for your band. Remember you need a Vevo partner. They are how you to get a Vevo channel free and they will help you manage it.  

Now, get to work! Make the perfect music video to share with the world and use Vevo’s services to ensure it gets the views it deserves. Good Luck!

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One response to “How to Get Your Music Videos on Vevo & Why You Should Put Them There”

  1. Thank you for this! My understanding, through using a vevo partner for one of my music videos, is that it gives you wayyy less control of your music video. I am not finding any of these promotion tools, nor any services that serve as a third party distribution site to get your video up on vevo for free. All of the services I found cost $ and allow for virtually no control when it comes to managing your video. And because of that, I am unable to promote the video at all (through your site/YouTube targeted ads/other services). Would love to hear your thoughts on these factors!

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