How to Increase Your Rap Vocabulary: The Ultimate Guide

How to Increase Your Rap Vocabulary: The Ultimate Guide

Written by Jaron Lewis

Rap is a genre of music that really must have lyrics that flow, check out our tips for improving the art of flow here →

Other genres may be more able to get away with nonsense, but there is a real need for Hip Hop songs to have amazing lyrics (Check out some tips on writing lyrics from the pros here). This is why you should look at a rap vocabulary dictionary to help improve the quality of your rhymes.

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Hip Hop Words?

Using Hip Hop words and meanings properly are going to enhance your music, so taking a close look at a Hip Hop vocabulary list when writing can be a really beneficial tool.

One place to start is that you can actually purchase Hip Hop dictionaries. These are great because they can help you find the best rhymes for your song, allowing you to make something that flows well. After a while, you may find that you will not need the dictionary because you can successfully be able to come up with these things on your own.

Books On Rapping Better?

You can even find other books that will help you along in the songwriting process, with the best tips on how rhyme. These are especially important tools if you are just starting out in the industry. When you are new, knowing how words come together to speed up or slow down the rhythm to make a more interesting rap. If you are looking for a great rap dictionary, there are online tools that you can use to help such as Rhymezone.

Rappers Who Benefited From Their Vocabulary 

You will notice that some of the more popular rappers tend to have a wider variety in their vocabulary than some of the less successful ones. For instance a group like Wu Tang is known for having a diverse set of lyrics, which is probably as a result of so many members being a part of the writing process. Another great example of a great rap lyricist is Outkast. They are not only known for their extensive vocabulary but also for their slang words that they created and how the words are said, playing up a southern drawl.

Finally, you cannot mention this high level of artistry without recognizing the talents of Aesop’s Rock. These are all rappers that have made it a point to have a variety of lyrics that are there to help enhance their music and breaking the stereotypes that they need to use curse words in every sentence to be a viable rapper.

Image Via The Truth About Music

Why Should I Focus On Vocabulary?

Everyone who writes anything can benefit from having a dictionary to make these tasks easier on them. This can be especially true for rappers and poets, who need to find the perfect words to keep the rhythm of their work. You may think that using a rap vocabulary is silly but you would be surprised just how helpful of a tool one can be for you.

If you need some help writing your rhymes, look for an online dictionary that you can use as a way to work through a lyrical problem that you may be struggling with it. Having a strong vocabulary is only going to help you make the best rap songs.



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