How To Make A Huge Impact On Your Local Music Scene

How To Make A Huge Impact On Your Local Music Scene

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you’re looking to become a local music legend, or you simply want to contribute something amazing to your local music scene, there are several ways that you can do it, and no one can blame your for wanting to. If you want to make a huge impact on your local music scene, following these tips are the best way to do it, not to mention one of the best ways to take yourself from the local music scene to the next level.

Make Friends

One of the biggest steps to creating impact from the ground up is making friends in other bands and making contacts within the music industry. Making a real impact is always about having connections, and connections means friends in other bands. Of course, you can’t just roam around your town and ask people if they are in a band or not.

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Visit Local Venues And Watch Gigs

The best way to find a band to connect with is to find out about local shows in your town through the internet or local ads. Of course it’s best if you try to connect with a band you really like, and all you need to do is introduce yourself after the show if you can.

That said, the idea isn’t to push you music on them the instant you meet, which is simply pushy and pretty shallow. What you do want to do is allow your music to come up as naturally as possible in conversation, and try to connect on a shared passion level.

Setup Your Own Gigs

The majority of your early gigs as a band will be launched off the back of friendly bands that either invite you to play at their shows or recommend you to other bands to do the same. This is where you first get your chance to really perform in front of a large audience, and that’s where your ability to impact the local music scene begins. Checkout our tips on how to get more local gigs.

Create Your Own Image

Of course, you’ll also want to create a sort of image for yourself. A band without an image is very hard for anyone to remember in any popular sense. You’ll need a catchy band name, a logo, and an overall image scheme for your group. Just think of all of the popular bands there has ever been: has a single one of them been a negligible image?

Establishing an overall catchy scheme for yourself is part of establishing yourself as a visible band, and being visible allows you to make more impact.

Summary Of It All

In the end, making an impact on the local music scene is all about getting your foot in the door. Whether you are a single musician or a full band, you can’t make any impact if no one knows about you.

You need to establish your music industry contacts, find ways to perform in front of larger audiences, and create an overall image for yourself in order to establish your foothold in your local music scene. Once you have this foothold, you will be able to create greater impact on your local music scene.



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