How To Make Good Money Writing Children’s Music

How To Make Good Money Writing Children’s Music

Written by Jaron Lewis

Everyone who is creative and has passion wants to find ways to utilise that passion to support themselves in life. It can be hard to make a living in the artistic world, and sometimes knowing how to apply a skill in a way which will turn a profit is difficult. Many people who love music want to inspire that same love in young children, but sometimes it can be difficult to know how, and especially how to make money while doing so.

Children’s music songwriters are quite a specific set of people, but learning through music is increasing in popularity, and many schools want individual songs for the children to sing, which reflect their learning environment and ethos.

How To Create A School Song

One of the things you might want to consider if you choose to go in this direction is how to create a school song. School songs are a great way to get your children’s music listened to, and give you a point to start from; a school song is quite structured, so it will keep you focused and on-task.

It also combines music with education, and is likely to be something the children learn by heart, so you have an opportunity to tap into their passion at an early age and inspire them to love music too.

What To Write About

As with any song which is aimed at young children, you should use simple vocabulary, making sure it both easy to sing and remember, as it will likely be sung by children of different abilities. Try and think about things the children will appreciate about their school, and what matters to them, and include these ideas in the lyrics.

You’re not likely to inspire much energy if you write about the history of the school or how the building was constructed; focus on what the children do in their everyday lives, on the things which will excite them about their school, so that they will sing with enthusiasm and energy. Try asking them what they would write about, which will help you ensure the song will really reflect their feelings about their school.


Rhyme is a great way to get children to remember things, so try composing as many rhymes as you can in a notebook.

It doesn’t matter if you’re likely to use them all or not; having a bank of rhymes you can refer to will help trigger other ideas and get you into the rhythm of the song. When you incorporate these rhymes into a song, think about the beats and syllables to make sure you aren’t disrupting the rhythm of the music, because this will throw off both the singers and the listeners, and ruin the overall effect.


When it comes down to it, ‘how to write a song’ is a difficult question to answer, because there are so many different ways to do it. However, by remembering these tips, you should come out with something which is suitable for your singers and their audience, and something which will inspire them to enjoy music and be proud of their school.



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