The Best Free Rap Rhyming Dictionaries

The Best Free Rap Rhyming Dictionaries

Written by Jaron Lewis

Writing rap songs is a lot like writing poetry that has to rhyme more frequently. It can be challenging to get your message across without sacrificing the flow of the song. Sometimes an artist needs a little assistance to find that right synonym that fits with the flow of their piece and doesn’t minimalize their message.

This is where rhyming dictionaries come into play. You can spend more money and buy these dictionaries from a store, but that’s so unnecessary when you have a computer or smart phone. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to gain access to free rap rhyming dictionaries on your Smartphone to help get you started.

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This fast rhyming dictionary doesn’t even need to be online to work. Rhyme Time is accurate, fast, and can be used offline, making it the best free rhyming dictionary you can get on your phone. It has a database of over a hundred thousand words which you can access in the palm of your hand.

Rhyme Time is the perfect companion to assist you when your flow just isn’t on its game. It even has the pronunciations and the definitions of the words. This app is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play.

Like Rhyme Time, RhymeBox offers a database of more than a hundred thousand words and does not require data connection to access it. There’s also a paid version of this app that will give you access to synonym lists, regular word updates, and is free of ads.

This app has a 4.3 star rating out of 5 and their bad reviews are only over what’s blocked off by the gap between the premium, paid version and the free version.

Though slightly lower-rated than RhymeBox and Rhyme Time, Rhyme Finder is still a contender in the competition of best free rap rhyming dictionaries. Like Rhyme Time, it offers the meanings of words, but it also offers lists of slant rhymes in descending order of closeness to the original rhyme and includes words that are commonly used in poems or raps that aren’t in the dictionary. It’s rated with 3.9 stars out of 5 on Google Play.


Writing rap songs that flow can be tricky, but with the assistance of a rhyming dictionary, you can get past the times you get stuck on rhymes. There are several free rhyming dictionaries you can download to assist you in this problem, but we’ve hunted down the top three available on Android devices.

The first two of these even work without connection to data or wifi, meaning you can use it whenever you wish. Don’t waste time being stuck when you’re writing; download one of these apps and never get stuck again.



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