How To Sell Band Merchandise Online: 5 Must Know Sites & Strategies

How To Sell Band Merchandise Online: 5 Must Know Sites & Strategies

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Written by Jaron Lewis & Omari MC

Let's face it, if you're trying to make any sort of revenue off your music you're going to have to have multiple products to sell. Trying to make all your money off music sales and streaming revenue simply isn't going to happen as an indie artist.

That's where all your band or artist merchandise comes into play!

Band merch can be t-shirts, bags, bracelets, books, bottles, tickets for other bands, affiliate income, you name it!

If you want to sell used band merch, you can look for a band merchandise online shop where you can sell old band shirts and other items. You can also use some of these methods in order to sell your own band merchandise. These are just some tips that you can use if you are trying to sell band merchandise online.

1. Your Own Store

Personally, this is my preferred method (especially when you only have digital products). For instance, I have my ebook, Make Them Beg To Buy Your Music, a marketing resource for artists and aspiring industry types to learn about making money in the music business.

I did put the book on Amazon, but I get way more sales from my personal site because I get to control how the check out page looks (i.e. I get to explain how much value a person will get in the book and guide them through how the purchase will benefit them).

Sometimes with a site like Amazon, you lose control of that. Amazon can provide more awareness for the book, so it's wise to have it on there, but they will take at least 30% of the profits.

If you have your own website, you can sell your merchandise directly from your there. Through this method, you are able to keep all of the profits and give you the freedom to really do whatever you want with shipping and accepting payments.

It can be very hard to do on your own if you do not have any good experience when it comes to creating an ecommerce website. This is still an excellent option for you to consider.

If you need tips on how to design a checkout page for your products, feel free to look at mine below!


2. eBay

If you are looking for a place to sell a wide variety of different used and new band merchandise, this is one of the best sites that you can sell from.

eBay is a place where you can really sell anything and you will be able to find people who are willing to purchase from you. Whether you are trying to sell used merch, merch from other bands, or selling items for your own band, eBay can really be one of the best online websites that you need to use.

This website allows you a place to not only sell your merchandise but also to sell electronic goods on their site as well. They will only take a cut off of the purchase, between 10% and 15%. This could be a problem if you are selling items for a very low price, meaning this will eat into your profits. Still, it is an effective website that is increasing in popularity today.

What is great about this website is that it is incredibly easy for people to use, allowing you to very easily set up your store through a streamlined process. There is a fee to use this website unless you want only the very basic features. You should also know that you can only work with PayPal for shipping purposes.

5. Other Tips

Now that you know where you should focus your efforts on selling merchandise, you need to know a little information for creating your merch. You want to create something that is unlike anything else your band competition is creating. Your fans will want something that makes them stand out so create merch that is uniquely your band.

You will also want to create your merchandise in the most cost-effective way possible, for instance creating shirts with a larger design on the front and only printing it on one of the sides of the shirt.

By following these tips and ideas, you are going to be more successful in selling your new or used band merchandise.

Have a table set up after shows, post on social media, and always MAKE IT AS EASY AS POSSIBLE for people to purchase. The checkout process is where you make your money. If you're at a show, make sure you have a method to take credit cards quickly and easily!

I can't tell you how many people have missed out on sales by not being credit card ready!

You want your designs to pop out as well! Maybe a phrase that you know your audience will like can do the trick.

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