How To Track Out A Beat In FL Studio 12 In 60 Seconds

How To Track Out A Beat In FL Studio 12 In 60 Seconds

Written by Jaron Lewis

Let’s look first at what does it mean to track out a beat before we get into the specifics of actually doing so. Tracking out a beat means taking a song, and separating each individual sound so that you can modify and alter each sound individually.

This allows for a higher quality end product, and if you are looking to going into a professional venue, sell your beats, or even produce your own sounds, this skills is a necessity. Each individual sound plays an important role.  Maybe at one point there is too much bass for the sound of the vocalist, with a tracked out beat, you can turn just that down.

Selling Or Leasing

Tracking out beats gives you the ultimate customizability for your music. Plus if you are selling or leasing your beats, many producers want to also have the ability to change the sound and effect of each instrument and background to make their music sound as good as it possibly can (or maybe they only want to use parts of it).

How To Track Out A Beat In Fl Studio 12

According to most, FL Studio is by far one of the fastest and easiest programs to use to track out beats. Now essentially you can get it done in about 60 seconds. The process itself is that when you add sounds to the track, assign each sounds to its own mixer track, then you don’t have to do this later.  Once you are done, export it as a WAV file, click Split Mixer Tracks and you’re done.  It’s really that easy.

Why Is FL Studio The Best?

It’s affordable and easy to use and gives you the absolute control to make whatever kind of music you want to. This newest version is no slouch, and it improves on the previous versions of the product giving anyone with a computer the ability to do their own thing. Think about it, the program has been around for the last 17 years with constant improvements.

So you are aware there are a few different version of this edition which is Fruity (the most basic version, Producer and Signature. The later two offer more features, more instruments, and more tools for experienced useds to make the most of their project. The also offer the largest library of its kind on any program currently out there. And for those of you who use Midi Files, you can now import and export those as well.  Fl Studio 12 has improved on everything they were already doing right. It’s no wonder a program like this has made it to the top and isn’t backing down now.

Pretty much if you want to create a product quickly and efficiently, this is the way to go and the program to go with.



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