Leah McHenry’s Savvy Musician Academy & Facebook For Musicians Review

7 Tips On Becoming A (Successful) Musician

Written by Jaron Lewis

Many musicians simply don’t have the time to dedicate to their full-time music careers. In the early days, many find themselves juggling one, two or three jobs all at the same time in order to fund their music career on the side. Endless free gigsvisits to labels, and countless demos sent off in the hopes of finally breaking into the infamously difficult and competitive industry can get you distraught.

On top of all this, the music industry is continually changing and so many artists if they have some time off find that the industry has moved along so quickly and now they are playing catch up.

But luckily there is someone out there who can help, Leah McHenry has launched a webinar, which coaches musicians in how to make a real income in streaming their music online. She herself is making a huge income on the internet and wants to help you do the same.

What Is It?

Many musicians have spent countless hours crafting their music and honing in a signature sound that is unique and really relatable to the public, however when it comes to end of of the creating, they are unsure where to go to actually sell their music.

The online musician 2.0 is a course that is packed full of useful tips and tricks on the online music industry, along with strategies you can adopt to help launch your own music career and start to generate some income from it.

What Does It Do?

It shows you how to use the internet and social media to its best extent, generating a loyal fan base which will not only give you better reviews and more visibility online but will also help to get you on the radar for music business professionals.

Better yet, the course is based on her own, real life experience, and the honesty in it really shines through. The examples are real life instead of hypothetical, and includes all the setbacks and issues that she encountered on the way to her own success.


Who It Targets?

The webinar course, the online musician, is for everyone in the industry and is not aimed at one specific type of musician - as really, are any really the same? It’s for people who want to create a genuine fan base online which will grow with them as artists.

It is a clear guide on how to promote your music the right way and how to find the audience online who will naturally be fans of your sound, and be more likely to follow and listen to your sounds online.

Finally, the course gives you a network of contacts who are all trying to do the same thing, offering invaluable support and feedback on your work to make sure you are making the most of the resources that are available to you.




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