Mixtape DJ Hosting: Pros And Cons For Artists

Mixtape DJ Hosting: Pros And Cons For Artists

Written by Jaron Lewis

Like anything in the music industry, whatever you release or do, everyone has an opinion on it. Who decides whether something is good or not? The more people that like something doesn't necessarily mean it is better. This is true for Mixtape DJ Hosting, this can be a sore subject for some online but Mixtape DJ hosting has its place in the music industry.

It Can Be Lucrative For DJ's

Mixing up the tracks, putting your own intro and put in on top of your own drops over someone else's songs and you're on your way to creating your mixtape. DJ Drama mixtape hosting prices are around $15,000 so there is a lot of money to be made if you can make a serious name for yourself. DJ drama made his name through his Gangsta Grillz mixtape series.

You Can Get Discovered

DJ Scream the street music DJ currently out of Atlanta charges around $10,000 for DJ mixtape hosting, so what are the benefits? Firstly, it can help a rapper to gain recognition. Worth the investment just to put your name where the giants are.

By standing on their shoulders it make it easier for people to discover you. Another reason is if you have something to promote. Your new single or album is due out and you want to get some hype around it. What better way than going through a famous DJ that will give you great exposure, it almost doesn't matter what they do to the song, just your names together alone will benefit you.

A DJ's Rep Could Boost Yours

Something that can detrimental to an artists is when a DJ takes over the vibe of the tape, sometimes their voice alone taking the song in a totally different direction. Even famous DJs have been known to take over a song. Also, they can cost a lot of money as we have already seen, if this is the case it can leave you with almost no marketing budget so you need to be mindful of that.

Remember Your Talent Matters Most

Artists can get a false hope by believing a recognized DJs mixtape will make them as an artist, but really it might not make a difference either way. What really makes a difference is talent, if you are good enough then you will succeed and a mixtape does not necessarily mean that that will change either way.



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