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4 (Unspoken) Rules For Making It In The Music Industry

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Written by Jaron Lewis

Many people dream of breaking into the rap game and making it big in the music industry. But do you have what it takes to make it? If you want to become a big name in the music business, then you should commit to following our 4 rules for making it in the music industry. Even if rap’s not your thing, our rules can help you with whatever style of music you want to pursue.

1. Your Music Has To Be Your Job

Some people may have push back on that. They'll say, "If you love your music, you wouldn't be all about the money." No one is talking of compromising your values to make money off music, and don't let someone who never made it in the industry scare you away from it by calling you a sell out for succeeding!

If you want to be a big new artist in the music scene, then you have to treat music like your full-time career. You should make developing your skills and honing your vocal technique your #1 priority. If your music career has to compete with other large goals, like another job or college degree, then you will be less likely to succeed in the music industry.

Like every other career, you need a budget, discipline, marketing skills, revenue, expenses, etc. Take yourself seriously before you ask others to do so. 

Don't have a budget? There's no shame in getting a 9-5 to build up capital to support your dreams. That means no luxurious living for awhile as you'll be saving, but it'll be worth it.

2. You Have To Resist Temptation

The road to music riches is littered with people who became distracted by the lifestyle and ended up washed out, forgotten, or even dead. Even before you make it big, you will be constantly surrounded with the temptations of drugs, alcohol, and other vices. You will have admirers and so-called “friends” that you may feel you need to impress by spending money and showing off.

If you want to make it in the rap game, or any part of the music industry, you’ve got to resist the temptation to use drugs, drink too much, or overspend. You must keep your eyes focused on your goal of succeeding in music, or you will end up like so many others have before you: broke and with shattered dreams.

3. You Have To Constantly Work On Improving Your Music

You may have some fans. You might have even sold some of your albums at local gigs or performances. Just because you’ve found some success doesn’t mean you know everything about music or that you’ve achieved perfection. The musicians who make it big stay on popular trends and are always working on their music.

They know they have to keep innovating and looking for new ways to improve so that they can stay on top of their game. Just like top athletes have to practice all the time to maintain and improve their skills, so you must do the same to stay interesting and relevant to your fans. Music is constantly changing, and if you aren’t working on yours all the time, you will be left behind.

4. You Have To Develop A Thick Skin

Music is a highly competitive industry. Rap may be the most competitive of all. Be prepared to be insulted by fellow musicians. Be prepared to be booed and shouted at by audiences who don’t like your music.

If you can’t handle that kind of abuse, then you need to find a new career. Instead of letting insults get to you, you need to use them to help make you stronger and a better musician. No musician pleases everyone, and even the best have been laughed at by a crowd at some point in their rise to fame. Consider it a learning experience and move on.

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