Multitracks: Everything You Need To Know About Songs, Stems, & Recording

Multitracks: Everything You Need To Know About Songs, Stems, & Recording

Written by Cameron Mayo

Multitracks are the individual parts or stems that are recorded separately for an audio production. Multitracks can be in mono or stereo format. They can be recorded from microphones or through direct inputs.

Multitracks can also be programmed in a sequencer or arranged in an audio sampler. In most cases, the dynamic processors like compressors, delays and reverbs are removed to give more autonomy to the mixing engineer.

Stems are the stereo recordings which are sourced from the mixes of multiple single audio tracks. For example, a drum stem is a stereo file that sounds like all the drum tracks are mixed together into a single file.

In many cases, additional processing is done on the stem files like compression, time-based effects such as delays, and equalization.

Multitracks: Everything You Need To Know About Songs, Stems, & Recording

Multitrack sessions normally have more tracks as compared to stem sessions. While stem sessions might only have between four and twenty tracks, multitrack sessions can have tracks from twenty to several hundreds.

Multitrack sessions are often made and expanded during the recording, editing and mixing process. On the other hand, stem sessions are mostly done after the recording, editing and mixing part. However, this is not a fixed rule and there are exceptions.

In certain applications, stems offer more benefits than multitracks.

Stems provide more efficiency for overdubbing. Establishing an overdubbing session in stem will be 10 times faster than doing it in multitrack. The number of files created will also be less, so you can manage them easily.

Mixing stem files is also easier than mixing multitracks. However, there are certain limitations which should be considered. The stem file might already be affected with equalization and reverb from the previous session.

You need to decide on the advantages and disadvantages of stems before you enter into creating them or using them in an audio file.

Multitracks: Everything You Need To Know About Songs, Stems, & Recording

There are many multitrack apps available online that provide detailed guides on how to adjust levels, mute or unmute any track, and enhance other features. Apps like Playback can help you practice mixing and experiment with a wide variety of multitrack songs.

There are several websites that provide tutorials for multitracks like The Pro Audio Files, Dueling Mixes, and Mixthru. They have a huge archive of multitrack songs from different genres which can help you in becoming a pro.

The Free Worship multitracks have become very popular in the recent years. Their new album ‘Strong Enough’ is a collection of multitrack songs that explore diverse styles and backgrounds that are the essence of their music.

They formed a Christian worship band in Chicago, and their unique expression of worship quickly led them to popularity. The music reflects the style of free worship allowing space for the movement of the divine spirit.

You can download and listen to Free Worship multitrack songs online, and explore the Christian faith in a free and holy sense. Their album is available in both English and Spanish, so all listeners can enjoy the unique message that they have to share through their music.



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