How To Set Up the Ultimate Audio Home Recording Studio

How To Set Up The Ultimate Audio Home Recording Studio

Written by Jaron Lewis

Setting up the ULTIMATE audio home recording studio can be slightly overwhelming, especially if you have never done this before.

There are so many options to choose from! Where do you even start?

Choosing Your Ideal Setup And Space

One professional that we spoke with actually recommended to keep your setup simple initially so you don’t get overwhelmed or spend too much money before seeing if your ideal setup will work for you in your audio recording studio. So, before you go and spend all of your hard earned money, take a look out or guide on how to make an extremely effective home studio recording setup under $800

Another point that should be made is to choose your space carefully because if you have a screaming child in the apartment next to you when you are trying to lay down tracks… that will likely end up on your recording.

Choose a location for your audio recording studio that is either soundproofed naturally or that you can add soundproofing to easily. You can add extras later like mood lighting and great furniture, but let’s set up the space first.

You should also choose a location that makes it easy to bring in talent to record at your in home studio. If you have a great studio, but no talent to come in and record you will make no money and will not receive a great return on your investment.

How to build the ultimate audio home recording studio

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Equipping Your Studio

Audio recording studio equipment is the basis behind if you are producing great quality sound or a lackluster vibe.

  •       Microphones:

Choosing a microphone is usually the first stop for an artist. Be sure to check out our list for the 9 best condenser and dynamic microphones for studio recording under $500

A great microphone like the Sennheiser MK4 Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic goes for around $299, which is inexpensive and used by some of the bigger recording studios for vocal recording.

Do your homework before committing and speak to other professionals in the area to see what they are using, if you can.

Also if you are looking to record rap vocals specifically you really need to see our guide on rap vocals: top best 9 microphones to use.

  •       Headphones and Speakers:

Yamaha is the studio standard for anyone that I have ever spoken to about audio recording studios because many people think they produce accurate, flat sound with a realistic feel.

Some people choose to go with the more expensive options from JBL, so it just depends on your budget and what you think sounds best.

Yamaha’s HS80M speakers are priced at about $350, so I would check those out.

A great pair of headphones is awesome for in the studio but most people won’t be listening to your audio through expensive headphones, so using standard headphones is great for hearing how your audio comes off to the general population.

Try Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones priced around $170.

Software Needs

Audio recording studio software can get really expensive, really quick if you aren’t careful. Some of the most popular recording DAW’s are ProTools, Logic Pro, and Ableton

Technology just keeps improving so now it’s possible to record music directly onto a Mac or PC through software companies like Avid with the use of their Mbox Mini priced at $299.

The wonder of this software is that you can then put your files onto a thumb drive and bring to a pro studio later to edit. This cuts down on the amount of time you’ll need to rent the studio for and still gives a great sound straight from your home computer or laptop.

ProTools Vs. Logic Pro. How to build the ultimate audio home recording studio

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Other Add-Ons

This gives you the basic setup but you can add more as you go to improve your ultimate audio home recording studio. You can always add a mixer, instruments like drums or guitars, amps, and all associated cables.

What else would you add to your studio to create the best studio experience from home?



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