Music Marketing & Business Courses: Learn From Full-Time Music Entrepreneurs

Music Marketing & Business Courses: Learn From Full-Time Music Entrepreneurs

Written by Jaron Lewis

So you're a musician, a singer, or in a band, and you're trying to take it to the next level. You think you’re great; this should be really easy, but when you get started, you realize you have absolutely no idea where to start. So what do you do? Take some classes. Being more educated in the business that you want to continue in is not money wasted, it’s money well spent.

If more musicians understood this they'd be way better off.

What Can Schooling Do For You?

Going to some of the music marketing courses online will help to provide you with the skills that are needed to make it in the business.  Generally you’ll learn and receive knowledge, from professionals in the business, on the basic fundamentals of the industry. There also may be the option to intern with a marketing company as well.

Now with the addition of so many ways to promote business online there are even online music marketing courses that specifically delve into this topic. No course load would be complete without it. It will generally teach the specifics of what platforms to use, how to advertise correctly, and how to gain the most traction.

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Why Is This So Important?

Going to school or learning from people in the business can help dramatically. You can learn the principles of marketing in general, and also branch into pricing and distribution and how exactly to brand yourself in the industry. Without this knowledge getting in is a lot harder than it has to be.

Learning from entrepreneurs in the business allows for the ability to ask real world questions and get answers that are not standard textbook answers. That information is key to moving along and learning the music marketing strategies that are essential to success.

Take a second and THINK about this. Many musicians get stuck in this mindset of "being a sell out" if they want to make money with their music.

That is complete rubbish. If you're staying true to your music while making money, there is NOTHING wrong with that. You're a sell out when you start to compromise your integrity.

It is absolutely possible to respect the business side of the industry while continuing to make great music. The problem we're focusing on today is the people who make great music but are still stuck at some 9-5 they know they don't want to be at anymore.

Music Marketing & Business Courses: Learn From Full-Time Music Entrepreneurs

Build Your Portfolio

In order to market yourself you need an impressive portfolio and resume. Everything that you have done that is relevant to what you are looking to do is important. Make sure that your information is up to date, your recordings are flawless and sound professional and take it from there. Impress them from the start, which is something an entrepreneur will tell you. People make decisions about you within the first few moments of meeting them. Market yourself accordingly.

Taking music marketing and business courses is something that you will want to have under your belt in order to increase your presence in the music industry. No, it’s not mandatory, but it will certainly benefit you in the long run. Plus if you are working with and learning from someone in the business, then you can start building your network right there.

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