Musicoin Review: What It Is, How To Buy, Prices, & Predictions

Musicoin Review: What It Is, How To Buy, Prices, & Predictions

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you want to understand the hot new trend of that is Musicoin and where you can get your hands on this new cryptocurrency. The first you may need a quick intro to what a cryptocurrency is. We are sure you have heard of the famous bitcoin and how it has reached immense values this year, bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency being created in 2009.

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset to be used in a decentralized platform as a medium of exchange. It uses secure cryptography to make its transactions, control the creation of new units and to verify the transfer of assets.

It is an amazing new technology that is now entering the music industry in the form of Musicoin. So what is Musicoin value, where can you buy some and is it actually worth anything? Today we look into the goal of Musicoin and give you some predictions of where it is going in 2018.

Music Coin Worth? values Musicoin at just a few satoshi so it is definitely early days and might be a sound investment as they are currently not even worth 1 cent. The Musicoin coin market cap is relatively low at 979 BTC so could definitely lead to some value rising.

You always need to be careful with cheaper coins though and watch out for the infamous altcoin scams. However, we believe musicoin low price is currently due to it being a relatively new project. So what is it for?

What Is Musicoin?

The Musicoin (MUSIC) is a world global project that has the goal of providing artists with a fair platform where they can sell their music and talent. The idea is very logical and simple, the artist's production will be rewarded by the number of views, meaning every time their song is played they will be rewarded with Musicoin.

The interesting aspect is they have announced their aim is to remunerate artists nearly ten times more than what Youtube currently pays out. This is definitely an ambitious goal though, and we have to ask ourselves if the music industry is even ready for a cryptocurrency. Another cool feature is users can also tip artists, so if you found a cool new artist that you want to support you can quickly tip them.

It Is Mineable

You should also know this is a mineable coin so if you have a rig that can mine the Ethash algorithm quickly then you may want to point it at musicoin, you could always sell or buy more Musicoin via the Bittrex or Cryptopia exchange platforms.


It definitely is a project that has positive ambitions, making the music industry more transparent would be very beneficial. Artists want to know clearly what they will be paid and listeners want to know how companies are supporting artists.

At the end of the day, music is an art and anything that helps music grow into a fair way to share it to the world is an amazing thing, Musicoin could be at the center of a music industry revolution that helps change cultures even.



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