10 Absolute Best Strategies To Sell Your Music Online

10 Absolute Best Strategies To Sell Your Music Online

Written by Jaron Lewis

Being a musician means putting yourself out there with your music. But how can you effectively get your music sold other than the almighty iTunes?

Well there are some specific ways that can help you improve your views and your sales online without ever having to go outside your studio. So read on to learn how to sell music online successfully and make yourself some additional revenue.

1. Have A Website And Sell Through There

Everyone has a blog nowadays, so use that to your advantage. Have a website that actually sells where customers can sample songs and purchase the albums.

You can also have your page link directly to an Amazon page to buy your album and whatnot as well. But make it direct for the customer and easy.  It’s not easy they will go somewhere else.

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2. Offer Pre-Order Sales

Having the ability to pre-order something makes a customer feel special and included in the latest and greatest upcoming album. With their preorder you can offer them a single at the time of purchase as a gift. This also helps to create more excitement.

If people love the single, they’ll be playing it all the time, and then you can easily create the buzz for other to also buy the album when it releases.

3. Offer Discounts

Seriously you are probably rolling your eyes at this one because doesn’t that eat up revenue. Yes and no, because when you offer a discount for signing up for the site or an email list or whatnot, you are generating the excitement for the album itself. And who doesn’t love a discount?

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4. YouTube

But YouTube is a video service. Yes it is. However,  many people go to YouTube to look for a video or hear a song they heard on the radio, because you can listen to the whole thing. This has to be one of the best ways to sell music online because they can get everything right there as a preview and then buy it directly from you.

Also you can provide a link to where to purchase each song, right under the song. This is like a professional singing business card for the masses.

In order to be successful at digital music distribution you have to market yourself, which means keeping people engaged and up to date with the happenings of the world and with your business. So make sure you show your personality, share snippets of new songs coming out, and ask for feedback on whatever. People love to get involved and this can definitely help.

6. Use Social Media - Facebook

Social media is a huge thing right now. Everyone is here sharing their stories and their information and when you really dig down you can start a great conversation about something or a topic on Facebook. People really get into their debates and their feelings and you can post videos, and respond to comments. Plus it makes it more personal.

Responding to comments and writing about yourself or your bands lives keeps people interested. They can easily say (if you link to some awesome article) hey I like that too let me check that out and boom, you have another follower.

7. Social Media - Twitter

Twitter can be a game changer and help to get followers quickly as well as get a message out there quickly. Hashtags have become a way of life for almost everyone. A way to connect is by creating one that is catchy or has meaning, or is something that you follow.

People generally start on Twitter and then follow up to Facebook or Snapchat, or whatever other social media is and will be out there because you have limited information on Twitter. It’s quick and catches your attention and requires people to learn more.

8. Become A Guest Artist Or Writer On A Blog

This one may be difficult but it’s a way to use others and their base of followers to increase yours. If you guest post for example on someone’s blog about health for example, stating how you and the band stay healthy on the road or when creating masterpieces, whatever, they can get a feel for who the band is and who you are as a person.

From there, and the SEO benefits that come with it, you can gain followers and thereby revenue and improve your standings with the public.

9. Get Your Music Onto Itunes Or A Streaming Music Service

Many people use iTunes or Spotify or something of the like and here is where you can really reach the right people, and many times keep 100% of your money and your rights to the songs. Once on there after marketing the other ways above, you can get the music seen and rise up in the charts to create a number one single for the week. This is super beneficial. The more people like your music, and share it and buy it, the more likely you are to continue to succeed in the business.

How To Get Your Music In A Spotify Or Apple Music Playlist

10. Whatever You Do…be Yourself

This is the most important piece of advice. You don’t want to change your tunes or your looks or whatever for what you think society wants. You’ll always have people who don’t like you, but when you are authentic in everything you do, people can see that, they will see the passion that emulates from you and your band (if it’s a band) and they will flock to you. It’s really first and foremost.

How To Get Your Music In A Spotify Or Apple Music Playlist



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