Radio Promotion Campaign: Ideas, Costs, And Companies For Guaranteed Spins

Radio Promotion Campaign: Ideas, Costs, And Companies For Guaranteed Spins

Written by Jaron Lewis

Approaching music radio stations to get airplay for your music is not a dying form of promotion as many artists and producers seem to think.  Radio is not a dying medium, the recent growth in web-based radio stations is proof of that.  

There are college radio stations, satellite radio, and commercial radio, as well as web radio stations.  These are all amazing options to gain exposure and to promote your music to millions of listeners.

Ideas On Getting Airplay

  1.      Create a list of radio stations that have your target audience as their listeners.  Things to include are the name of the DJ, name of the show, station contact information, the time the radio host accepts calls and the station's submission policy.
  2.      Put together a promotion package that includes a sheet of all your bio information and accomplishments, a short cover letter and a high-quality copy of your track or record
  3.      Make contact with the radio station a week after you have submitted your portfolio to ensure they have received it.  Also, ask for any feedback and prepare yourself to make a number of calls before you reach the music director of the station.  The key is to be extremely nice and very patient.  It may be step number three, but it is the vital one to getting your foot through the door.     
  4.  Be sure to thank everyone at the radio station that played a part in getting your music played.  That will be the music director, DJ and even the receptionist (they are always the most difficult to get past).  Always show your appreciation after you have achieved your goal.  This will not be the last time you need their help.

The Cost Of Radio Promotion

Promotion cost for a radio station will differ depending on whether you are promoting a full-length or an EP release.  Other factors to include would be postage, CD production costs, communication costs (phone calls and email).  The cost will lower considerably should you choose to do everything digitally, but it is best practice to send hard copies of everything.

Generally, costs can run up to $5000 for promotion.  However, it is a cost worth incorporating into your promotion budget.  The time spent making and producing your album will make that extra spend all worth it.

Radio Promotion Companies Worth Working With

Should you be lucky enough to have something extra in the promotion budget, you can go about hiring a music promotional company.  Here are the top 5 in the industry at the moment.


Kiss will guarantee your airplay on a national and international level. PLEASE remember that in order to be on the radio your song needs to be PROFESSIONAL.

  1.      RADIO POWER FM

ALL GENRES ARE ACCEPTED and NO EXPLICIT LYRICS please… Every song should be legally owned by its main artist.

  1.      NLD RADIO ATL

This is designed to give you Organic feedback. Before you spend on a record that will/won't go anywhere, you need to test and see if people like it before you dump real money into it.

  1.      SOUND 106 FM

For 5 dollars you will be the featuring sponsoring artist on our music blog and readers will also have the option to listen to your music via our radio station for 1 day  24/7.  For more record promotion please see the gig extra.

  1.      Ms. Dynasty Promotion

Get your music into radio rotation on a royalty paying Internet radio station for one month guaranteed!

Never underestimate the power of a radio promotion campaign.  Radio is still a medium that exposes your music to millions of listeners.



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