Smart & Safe Spotify Hacks for Followers, Streams, Plays, & Algorithmic Playlists

Smart & Safe Spotify Hacks for Followers, Streams, Plays, & Algorithmic Playlists

Written by Cameron Mayo

It’s every musicians dream to have their music heard by the entire world. With access available in over 75 countries, Spotify is one of the best places to share your music. If you have not gotten your songs on Spotify, check out this list of music distributors.

Once your music is up, there is a lot you can do to help get new followers and streams. The article will discuss some tips and tricks for increasing your presence on Spotify.


One of the most important aspects of growing your fanbase is changing your mentality from musician to businessperson. As a musician, your job is creating music that people will want to hear. As a businessperson, your role becomes turning that music into money.

Like any business, you will need access to statistics to see what your audience is doing. Luckily, Spotify Analytics lets you see these numbers. Just head to Spotify Artists and log in.

When looking at these statistics, you will discover who is listening to your music. Understanding your audience’s demographics and how they access your music will allow you to better direct your marketing.

Another helpful metric is the time of day your audience listens. You can begin to predict why people like your music and also identify times when your audience is more active online. This will inform how and when you should be posting on social media.


Use the press to get more listeners. While you’re probably not yet going to be covered in the Rolling Stone, you might be able to get into local magazines and blogs. These small outlets might not make you famous, but they will make you more well-known in the local area and increase awareness of your band. More awareness leads to more listens and eventually an organic spread of the band’s music through word-of-mouth.

Another way to spread your content is performing at local venues and festivals. When people see a live performance, they connect more with the music and are likely to look you up online. The more people that find you online, the more followers you will get. The more followers, the more streams. The more streams, the more you make. You see where this is going.


Another key element to success on Spotify is getting placed on playlists. Being able to create and share playlists is a key aspect of Spotify’s platform and you need to take advantage of that.

There are two options for getting placed on Spotify playlists and use it to promote your music. You can personally create a playlist or you can contact a curator of a popular playlist and ask them to include your song for a while. 

If you make your own, add popular songs that inspired your music. Don't just have your songs on there. Mix your music in with songs people already know and love. Then share it with your fans.

Reaching out to a curator is a a good way to get attention, but it can cost money to get placed. It is definitely worth the investment and grants you access to an entirely new audience.

Depending on the size of your own network, talking to a curator will probably get your music more traffic.


There are a number of different algorithmic playlists on Spotify: Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Radio Stations.

Discover weekly is essentially Spotify spying on it's users listening habits, then recommending songs to you that they believe you will like based on that information.

Release Radar is similar to discovery weekly, but with newer songs.

Radio stations are when you pick an artist, genre, or mood and tell Spotify to find you similar songs.

One trick to getting Spotify to add you to more of these lists is to go big with your initial release. If you promote very heavily within the first week of the release of your single, ep, or album, Spotify will notice that.

It especially helps if people are interacting with your song by saving it to their library or adding it to their own playlists.

The best way to do this is to get organic music promotion slightly before the release of your record. 

You can order a package beforehand and tell the promoter the release date of the record. (Well, you can with us at least)



This article has discussed a variety of methods to increase your presence on Spotify. Using audience activity statistics from your Spotify Artists page, increasing media exposure through other media channels and live performances, and getting placed on popular playlists are great ways of increasing the number of people who listen to your music.

Huge growth won’t happen overnight, but if you persist in using these strategies, you have a shot at becoming the next big name in music.

I mentioned how you can contact playlist curators to get your songs placed on a Spotify playlist. This can be harder than is sounds to do yourself. Omari MC has a vast network of curators for any genre you can think of. Check out his organic Spotify playlist promotion packages and he will do the hard work for you!




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