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Spotify Playlist Submissions To Curators: The Complete Guide

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Written by Jaron

Spotify is a renowned digital music streaming service, like amazon music unlimited. It provides you access to millions of songs, videos, and podcasts from artists all around the world.

It is an appealing service as it gives premium as well as free access to its users, which can be easily availed with the help of their email address or can be connected with Facebook. Along with easy access, Spotify works on mobile, tablet, tv, and computer. 

Thus, it has garnered the attention of many music lovers and has gained above 130 million subscribers and above 250 million active users, which is growing each day.

Spotify provides instant access to millions of songs that range from old favorites to the latest hits to its users. The songs are easily streamed and can even be downloaded for offline use. Although the service can be accessed for free, its premium version comes with added features and is ad-free.

Along with providing music, Spotify has become a great platform for rising artists to showcase their talents and go on the radar with the public as well as gather the attention of major music companies

How Does Spotify Help New Artists?

This is the modern age of the internet, and gone are the days when the big music companies dictated what was played on the radio. 

The internet has provided consumers the authority to choose their music themselves and decide on the type of music they really want to listen to.

Spotify thus has features that monitor the behavior of the listeners and keep track of what they liked the most, or added the most or shared the most on their libraries. 

This data allows Spotify to create playlists for the listener to discover, and if the rising artists' song gets on a listener's playlist, it is an easy way to jumpstart their professional career.

Many rising artists have benefited from Spotify as their professional careers got a jumpstart from there. The artists made it big in the industries as they got on the Spotify playlist and thus got the highest engagement rate and highest saved rate. 

However, this is not an easy task for musicians as the competition is tough, with thousands of aspiring artists as well as artists who are being marketed by major record labels are competing for the listeners' attention too.

However hard the competition may be, Spotify promotions are still one of the key elements to find success in the music industry. 

It is one of the democratic platforms as it gives the aspiring artists the equal opportunity of success. This is because of the algorithm designed on Spotify that allows its listeners to save the tracks and tell Spotify if the track deserved to be heard by other listeners or not.

So getting on the Spotify official playlists helps increase the chance of the new artist to be heard by more listeners and be judged. 

This allows a greater chance for your track to be saved, shared, and become a favorite. This then increases the chances of getting recognized and thus popular.

What Can New Artists Do?

Spotify is a great platform to be heard and generate a following, but that does require a lot of effort.. To achieve a good following, the best thing that can be done by the artists is to submit to Spotify playlist. That's where the curators step in. 

The curators have a set of listeners following them, and so by getting on a curators playlist, it increases the chances of the artists' music being heard and thus boosts their profile as an artist.

These curators have a vast knowledge of music, and thus, they know what their audiences like and what kind of music will appeal to them.

Independent curators may not have as much of a following as major labels that control the playlists, but approaching them is still beneficial as they help in boosting the number of listeners as well as help the artist get a good share.

By approaching the independent curators, it helps the artist get a chance of being recognized on a larger platform. But it is not easy to get on a curators playlist.

How To Get Noticed By The Curators?

To reach a certain level of success, the artists have to be careful and try to catch the attention of the curators. As they are one of the significant sources that can help increase their following. 

So there are a few steps that the artist should follow to reach their goal on Spotify. They are:

• Get Verification

The top priority of the artist should be to get verified on Spotify to gain credibility. Spotify has launched a platform for that, so confirming your details on Spotify for artists will help in getting verified.

• Social Media Sharings

The artist should share their Spotify profile on social media apps that will help in the verification as well as generating more fan following. A social media presence will confirm the curators of your fan base. 

Also, by sharing the curators' playlists on their social media accounts will not only help increase their fanbase but also validate to the curators that the artists reciprocate their belief in them.

• Best Artists Biography

The artists should write their complete biography and also have links to your social media as this is an important aspect that the curators look at and analyze the artist accordingly.

• Create A Spotify Playlist

The artist should create their own Spotify playlists that have similar music to their own. An enticing playlist will help generate more following as well as get the artist music more listens on their track. They should keep in mind that the playlist should have at least 30 songs.

How To Find Playlists?

The artists need to find a specific playlist whom they can pitch their track to. As there are three basic types of the playlist which are:

  • Genre: this is the most searched by the people and easy to find. If the artist is a country musician, they should look for playlists that are suitable for country music, etc.
  • Mood: these playlists are mood-based and depend on the mood of the listener.
  • Similar artists: these playlists have similar artists as well as newly released albums.

Who To Pitch To?

As playlists have become a major avenue to promote new talent by getting on a powerful playlist that is controlled by a brand or a label can prove very beneficial as it has thousands of followers. 

But getting on these kinds of playlists can be hard work, and generally, only those artists have promoted that work directly with them. 

However, luckily, there is a third option, that is the independent curators. These playlists have a smaller following, but getting on the playlist of many independent curators can still help in generating a large audience and help expand the exposure of the artist to more tastemakers.

Pitching  To Independent Curators

Thousands of regular Spotify users are creating playlists and thus can be easily approached by the artist. They act as Spotify playlist promoters, and thus it helps the new artist gain more attention. 

They have to search for the specific playlist they want to be a part of; then, they have to make sure that they have a real name. Search them up on Facebook or other forms of contact and then message them regarding your track.

When approaching the curator, the artist should make sure that they are polite and compliment the curator on their achievement and request them to consider their track as a potential. 

The artist should try to validate why their track is suitable for the curators' playlist and try to make themselves stand out. 

The artist needs to be able to give back to the curator somehow, and by sharing their playlist on their social media accounts and more can help them in considering the artist track. This way, the artist will be promoting the curator as well as themselves.

Well-Known Spotify Playlists Curators

After being acknowledged by some of the smaller independent curators, the artists should try promoting their tracks to the well-known curators. Some of the well-known playlist curators Spotify are:

  • Soundplate
  • Soave Records
  • Daily Playlists
  • Submithub
  • For The Love Of Bands
  • Work Hard Playlist Hard
  • Songpickr
  • Indiemono
  • Artist Intelligence Agency
  • Simon Field
  • Kolibri Music

All these curators have huge followings and generally pick songs from blogs or websites. They can be approached through their website, email, or Facebook, depending on the curator. 

These are some of the curators that help discover hidden gems, and thus, submitting to them will help the artist gain more attention.

Wrapping Up

As the online industry is booming these days, 75% of the music industry is generating revenues from playlists. Thus, they are an excellent platform for arising artists. 

However, the success of the artists greatly relies on their musical capabilities as well as marketing and promoting strategies. An artist with great talent will only flourish if a large audience hears them, and thus, getting in a playlist allows the artists to shine.

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