Streamify Vs Streampot Spotify Review: Are These Safe and Legit For Promotion?

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Written by Jaron Lewis

No matter how good your music is, getting listeners and clicks can be a difficult, time-consuming process, and is often frustrating, sometimes even disheartening. Everyone is looking for new ways to promote themselves and their music, to reach listeners, and to build some traction, particularly when a new track or album is being released.

There are quite a few websites out there which claim they can help with these things if you pay a service fee to them. For example, if you google how to boost Spotify plays, you might well come across Streamify and Streampot. Streamify suggests they will be able to increase your sales and get your music to more people, creating a snowball effect which will make your music famous. They give you information about which campaigns are the most successful, so you can fine-tune your advertising and analyze tactics.

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Streampot essentially sells ‘plays,’ where you can purchase an amount of plays for your song or album, meaning that your ratings will go up, you might get royalties from Spotify, and you will maximise your online exposure. They promise real listeners for your songs and a variety of different services depending on what you need. If your tracks are actually getting royalties from Spotify, these might even cover the plays you’ve paid for, while generating you more viewers and more hype.

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This all sounds great in theory, but asking something along the lines of ‘does Streamify work’ might leave you worried by the answers. Quite a few people have asked the question, and very few Streampot review pages or Streamify review pages offer information about website safety or quality of service.

A few testimonials appear to indicate that some people have had success with them, but others contradict this and say they have had no response when making complaints.

Reviews And Possible Bans

The biggest question with these sites is whether they are legitimate ways to promote your music, and the general consensus online seems to be that they are not. While they promise real listeners, this is very difficult for the end user to verify, and purchasing plays seems like a way of cheating the system where other artists are building their music up organically.

It’s also possible that using these systems will cause Spotify to ban you, as they are always on the lookout for fraudulent action and fake play counts. This is a difficult area to get into, as it’s obviously hard for Spotify to prove someone is unfairly boosting their followers or plays, and these websites insist they won’t get you banned because they are selling real listeners, not using bots to increase your play count.

However, people have previously been banned in similar scenarios, so you have to consider whether it is worth the risk. There is certainly a sense of something underhand taking place, regardless of what the websites insist they offer, and you can be sure Spotify wants to prevent their users from paying for their plays.



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