Top 10 Ways to Succeed At Digital Music Distribution

Top 10 Ways to Succeed At Digital Music Distribution Tidal

Written by Jaron Lewis

Today we live in a highly digitized world and so it is only natural that even music turned digital. Music is something that most humans are able to easily identify with and are attracted to. So when everything went online, music too followed suit and moved from analog to digital.

Soon we had personal digital music players like the iPod etc. which became a rage. Where earlier musical success was counted with the number of copies of the albums sold, it began to be measured in terms of number of hits or number of downloads.

There were associated problems of piracy and plagiarism, but what always sells and thrives is what the public wants and so digital music continues to rule the music industry. And the need has given rise to a lot of digital music distribution companies.

The Mantra For Success

With the advent of digital, every other person has become a musician and can easily record a song and upload it either on a personal blog or on any of the social media sites or sites like the YouTube. Hence, digital music distribution service happens to be one of the most challenging tasks at hand because the hurdles are many. Let’s try to list out a few factors to be kept in mind in order to succeed in this.

1. Have Contracts In Place 

This is one field where one small mistake can cost you in millions or billions for a foresight. It is governed by Intellectual Property Rights and artist rights and plagiarism issues. Therefore, to protect oneself and the artists that one chooses to represent, it is very important to get legal help and make sure that all forms of contracts are in place.

Intellectual Property

2. Make Your Presence Felt

Use these social media tools in order to have an online presence that says why you're one of the best digital music distribution companies around. Make sure to market your company effectively and have freebie downloads for your fans sometimes, especially the loyal ones. Loyalty pays and counts and make sure that the message is sent out. If possible throw in a few blogs from your artists and put in a few previews and teasers.

3. Find The Talent

It’s a huge world out there and there are many aspiring singers. Keep scouting and find those right ones and sign them early on or you may not be able to afford them later!

Find The Talent

4. Have Promotions And Events

Make some noise, splash the news around and make sure that people know about you and your labels. It is very important to do this periodically because it is a highly competitive world.

5. Keep The Contacts

Go round and meet people in the music industry and stay ahead of the news. Make sure you keep the contacts with the right people and communication with your fans going.

6. Choose A Genre

If it is possible, stick to a particular genre of music that provides you the edge over other digital music distribution services.

7. Prepare And Stick To A Well Established Release Plan

It may be difficult, but if you can get one done and stick to it, then there is nothing else like it. The fans will be delighted to know well in advance what they are in store for and an element of surprise thrown in once a while makes it better.

8. Take Risks

Don’t be afraid to experiment; with artists, genres and lyrics. Sometimes it pays off like nothing else because music is a best seller only after it has reached the audience and it has been accepted.

9. Do Your Market Surveys

There is no telling what kind of music will become the next rage, be the first one to get that much wanted stuff out there.

10. Entertainment

Music is all about entertainment and make sure that you keep dishing it out and the fans are able to see and feel the good quality of your music. Never lower your standards.



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