Top 5 (Organic) Classical, Jazz, & Easy Listening Music Promotion Services & Companies Online

Top 5 (Organic) Classical, Jazz, & Easy Listening Music Promotion Services & Companies Online

Written by Jaron Lewis

You’ve always loved jazz. You love the sound, the way your instrument feels against your fingers, but most of all, you love how it makes you feel. It feels warm, calm, and like home. You just want a chance to share that feeling with as much as the world as you possibly can.

You want to play for people and transport them back to a simple time, a time where everything was good. That’s why you’re looking for jazz radio promotion or even a promotion company because you want people to feel.

We wanted to make it easy for you and bring you those promotion services so that you don’t have to dig through Google, and click link after link. So, let’s get into it—the top 5 music promotion services and companies.

A well known music promotion company with a great track record with its clients. We here at Omari Mc promote all clean music regardless of genre. We have a vast network of blog and channels that we work with to get your music heard by the right audience. We really put a strong emphasis on getting you organic plays and feedback on your music.


“We provide our artists with record distribution, promotion, and facilitation of booking and touring.”

Blue jazz productions offers jazz radio promotion, they’ll help you with distribution and publicity, and they’ve got booking services covered, too. If you’d like to partner with them, all you have to do is email or call. They’ve promoted artists such as Dee Alexander, Nick Bisesi, T.K. Blue, Janice Borla, and more.


“Jazzzdog is proud to promote an exciting mix of some of the most celebrated Jazz artists and rising performers.”

Jazzzdog is an independent jazz radio promotion company, and they’ll work hard to get your song on the radio to be heard by as much people as possible. They work with 240+ radio stations, and they’ll also do things such as setting up interviews and making sure that the fans are happy.

They’ve worked with Diana Krall, Chick Corea, Diana Reeves, Ray Charles, Kurt Elling, Larry Coryell, and more.


“Future Groove Promotion is a longtime industry leader in the world of smooth jazz consulting and promotion.

FGP have worked with labels like Blue Nite Records, Jive/Sony, and more. They’re legit and don’t mess around. They cultivate relationships, and introduce you to the people that you can offer value to. They limit the amount of artists they work with, as they make sure that they’re all getting the attention they deserve. You won’t ever feel left behind with FGP.

To get in contact, all you have to do is email them on their page. They’ve work with artists such as Marc Antoine, David P. Stevens, Jermaine Mondaine, Jeff Ryn, and more.


“Gorov Music Marketing is regarded as the top promotion firm in the Smooth Jazz radio format.”

This jazz promotion company will offer you top quality service, and make sure that they do what they can in order for you to succeed. Cliff & Jason Gorov have been in the jazz promotion business for 20+ years, and they get in touch with radio stations that will play your music. They’ll run your promotion campaign and offer their expert advice.

They’ve worked with Michael Paulo, Dee Lucas, Willis Bradley, Greg Adams, and more.




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