Top 5 Portable Audio Interfaces For The Traveling Musician

Top 5 Portable Audio Interfaces For The Traveling Musician

Written by Jaron Lewis

Many musicians usually wait until they could afford studio time to record, but nowadays, you can have your own portable audio interface m audio. The best part is, is that the quality of the recording is the exact same as being in a studio!

Technically, you can record anywhere at any time, all you must do is carry this audio interface USB in your pocket. Here’s a list of the top 5 cheap audio interfaces for musicians.

FocusriteScarlett 6i6 6 In/6 Out

This may be the best audio interface in the world, and you are able to hook it up on your smartphone devices and tablets. It has a nice red color that would match with anywhere you put it.

This audio interface contains 6 inputs and outputs, as well as 2 headphone output where you can actually adjust the control levels. When the song just comes to you, this , audio interface focusrite will come in handy and make dreams happen!

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This portable audio interface is compatible with iPads and Mac Books. It is very smooth and can fit right in your pocket, it was made for traveling. You can record the greatest hits since it is equipped with high end D/A and A/D converters. The best part is that you can easily connect it to your iPad or Mac to listen through your own headphones, just like your fans would!

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This is one of the best and easiest audio interface m audio to use. It is extremely powerful and ensures you the best quality through the whole recording session.  You can control it from 2 channels; how easy can that be? It also contains an audio interface usb that allows you to connect to your computer to charge.

It contains the proficient level of Crystal Preamps the D/A converter that provided 24bit resolution that charges your headphones. You would be able to hear your song as if your singing it right now, the best part is, is that with all these qualifications, the audio interface is cheap!

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Another cheap audio interface is the Behringer, but it is better than the old ones! The Behringer Xenyx contains compact analog mixer that has built in usb audio interface. You could fully power it by your usb or use an external adaptor, which is provided to you once you buy it! It is advised for more powerful functions and features to charge it via power adaptor.

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This interface is considered one of the smallest portable audio interface in the world! It is a audio interface focusrite, and provided maximum power for you to feel like you are currently recording in a music studio!

It provides direct recording to your iPhone or iPad, so when you see your muse, just turn on this audio interface and start singing! It may be tiny, but it can take you and your music places.

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