Everything You Need To Do BEFORE Your Recording Session

Everything You Need To Do BEFORE Your Recording Session

Written by Jaron Lewis

You may someday get your dream chance to record music in an actual recording studio. Once you get in there, you will need to know how to record a song in a studio versus the at home studio you may be used to. You have seen recording studio prices, so you know that you need to take this precious time that you have within the studio very seriously.

This means understanding all about the professional recording equipment and how to effectively use it to maximize your time in the studio. Here are some pieces of advice that is going to help you out before you go into the studio.

The Basics

You first need to think about how many songs you will be recording. This may depend on if you are creating a full album or if you are just creating a demo to attract the attention of a record label

Record Labels Actually Accepting Demos

Have Your Songs Fully Written

You need to think about how this session is going to affect your career moving forward from this moment. This will help you to make sure that you can finish writing all of the songs that you need to for this session. (Tips and tricks for songwriting)  You do not want to be the person that shows up to the studio without having your songs completed.

Not only will this cut into your time in the studio but it also looks incredibly unprofessional when you do. It will also be beneficial to you to rehearse your songs over and over again so that you will have the song locked down by the time you head to the studio.

Know Your Equipment

Whatever equipment you decide to bring with you, remember to make sure it is in working order before you bring it along. Having your equipment fail on you during your session could be a disastrous this could be to your recording session.

You should also be sure to bring any wires that you would normally use with that equipment because the recording studio may not have them. Most studios have a list of equipment they have on site on their website, you should browse this list and get an idea for what mics you will be using while you are there. If you lack experience with Mics, check out our guide on the best microphones, and their types and uses.

Prepare For The Long Session

It can also be helpful to bring some type of snack or beverage with you for your session. You should not count on the recording studio to have these things on hand, especially something you prefer to eat. If you are going to do any mixing on your music, you should plan for this on another day.

You may not think it but your eyes are going to be incredibly tired and you may not be able to adequately do this task. So as long as you are able to afford a second session for this purpose, you should do that.

Do Your Research

If you remember these things, this will help you to have the best recording session possible. Make sure that you do a lot of research before deciding on which recording studio you decide to go with because this is a big investment in your future. That makes it even more important to get it right the first time. Let your music shine through when you optimize your recording session.



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