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Viral Tips for SoundCloud Marketing, Repost Networking, And Promotion Channels

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Written by Jaron Lewis

The original song line went something like this: “Video killed the radio star.”  Digital doubters later changed it to: “Digital killed the radio star.”  However, nothing is further from the truth.  Digital has given music a new lease on life and have exposed the masses to amazing new music and artists.

There are still a plethora of new artists and producers who have not gone digital for promoting their music.  This could be due to a lack of understanding about the process, or due to not realizing the power of digital platforms like SoundCloud.

Here are some tips on how to get the best from a SoundCloud promotion service.

Soundcloud Follower Value Is Higher

Users with little understanding of how social media works, will be under the impression that a follower gained automatically gains more exposure.  However, that is not necessarily true as social media platforms regulate what your followers see on their feeds by content filtering algorithms.

On the flip side, SoundCloud does not operate with any filtering algorithms so your followers will see your latest uploads on their feeds.  With SoundCloud, a follower gained does have a far better chance of gaining your exposure.

Promotion Channels

These music channels operate in a similar way as the ones on YouTube.  The music promo channel is managed by one or two individuals who post music by other artists.  More commonly known as SoundCloud labels but in no way operates like a record label.  These channels will host your music but do not sell onto any digital music stores such as Spotify and iTunes.

Like & Interact To Download Gates

This is not as complex as it sounds.  Basically, this aims for you to call your followers or listeners to action when accessing your music uploads.  For example, listeners can download a track but will require them to like, or share it via other social platforms.  This tool has transformed the way music is promoted.  Gates allow numerous users access to one download after following the necessary social interactions.

Repost Networking

Many big music promo channels create alternate channels that are linked to each other.  This essentially means that tracks get reposted by these linked channels.  Download gates give these accounts organic growth as it includes the original accounts in the gates.

 This creates an interdependent network promoting each other’s music constantly.  This is beneficial to you as it is an incentive to promote your track or record to help grow the linked accounts.

Repost Trading

Repost trading is where you have an agreement with an equal sized account to repost each other’s material.  This will create added exposure for both or all parties involved.  Artists have a higher value to reposts as they do so infrequently.  

Promo channels lose their repost value due to the sheer volume of reposts within the network.  Aim for agreements with individuals and artists instead of promo channels for valuable exposure.

Wrapping Up 

Technology has certainly not driven the music industry under, in fact, you now have more options to promote yourself and your music.  Organic growth is the bread and butter of the modern-day marketer.  Digital platforms offer endless options for you to achieve that organic follower growth.

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Funky Songs Playlist (190K Followers)

Clean Rap & RNB (10K Followers)

[EDM/Future Bass] Melvin - Luv Again

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Top Hits From New Artists (20K Followers)

Electro-mania (6K Followers)

Best Workout Playlist (14K Followers)




[Hip Hop] K-Rich - We Workin  


[Hip Hop] Surve - Found My Way  

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