What Is The Musicians Union And Should You Be Part Of It?

What Is The Musicians Union And Should You Be Part Of It?

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you are in the music industry then you have obviously heard of the musicians union. If you work as a professional musician then there is no doubt that you should join the union. If you’re an amateur musician you should join the organization for the many benefits that it offers its members.

What Is The Union

Being part of the union means that you will have access to a lot of information for free. The union was created to protect the rights of musicians. In cases where you are just starting out in the music industry it will cost a lot of money to draw up music contracts and get legal advice specific to the music industry. There are also people available to advise the musicians on issues such as performance contracts for the session artists. These kinds of contracts can be hard to get from the regular lawyers or not be specific enough to give you the kind of advice needed in the industry. If you join the musician union you will have full access to such information.

Another benefit of being members of the union is the protection you get under the public liability insurance. This insurance covers the musician up to $10 million. The insurance is meant to cover musician in the event that public member is harmed in the process. Many promoters or venues will ask for the evidence of insurance it therefore helps if you already have the insurance in place from the union. It is a cost effective way to have the insurance without paying the high costs all by yourself.

The American Federation Of Musicians

The American Federation of Musicians is by far one of the best unions you can find. The union also has a pension fund for musicians. Though music never dies in your heart as an artist there may reach a point where the person is no longer able to do the things that they could before such as live perform. The pension helps to keep one afloat after a lifetime of being an artist.

The members of the union allow you to participate in many workshops and seminars that are a great way for musicians to network. You can have a wide range of professional advice from professionals in the industry should you run into any issues. The union rates are affordable to all the people since there are many levels of membership. The membership levels are distinct because of the different needs of members in the union.

We Need The Union

It is now important for musicians to represent as a whole rather than individually more than ever. The Membership to the organization gives you a bigger voice than being solo. The union is meant to bring musicians together and give them more of a voice than they normally would in the cases and situations that affect them.

The union even plays a big part in the making of policies that affect the music industry in the government. They ensure that the players involved do not make it hard for new artists or have their creativity suppressed.



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