What To Rap About When Writing, Freestyling Or Having Writers’ Block

What To Rap About When Writing, Freestyling Or Having Writers’ Block

Written by Jaron Lewis

The hardest thing to deal with when writing rap songs or freestyling is writer's’ block. It’s like running full speed into a brick wall with your creativity. It can make you feel stifled or restrained to be at a loss for words. We’ve got you covered with tricks to get past that awful barrier of not knowing what to write about.

Find A Story

Your song doesn’t necessarily have to be about you. If you’re at a loss for material, you could write a song about a historical person or event you read about, something that happened in your past, a folktale, something that happened to someone you know, the list goes on and on. If you have a story to tell, it’s easier to avoid getting writers’ block.

Struggle Or Political Event

If you have some social commentary you’ve been dying to get out, a political statement you need to make, or have strong feelings about a recent event or struggle you witnessed or heard about, it could be a rich source of material for your next song.

Topics could include drug use, thoughts on presidential candidates/the President, poverty, injustice, discrimination, rape, etc. This could be a great resource to tap into and a great way to express your passionate feelings about these issues. The more passionate you are about the issue, the better your song will be.

Try Planning Out What You Want To Say

If you find yourself frequently struggling with losing your train of thought or losing your story part way through, planning it first can help you find your way back on track during the writing process.

This doesn’t have to be an elaborate outline in any sort of formal layout; it can merely be a list of the few points you want to be sure to make in the song or the direction in which you think the song is going. Referring back to this when you’re stuck can help you get back on track.

Change Your Environment

Sometimes all it takes to get the creative juices flowing again is a change of scenery. If you’ve been writing inside, go to a park and get some fresh air, maybe go to a bar and people watch, or sit on a bench in town and people watch. A change of scenery can really make all the difference in your material. For additional ideas check out our list of 45 songwriting tips and tricks for extra help.


Not knowing what to write about can seem stifling and restricting, but there are several ways to get the creative juices flowing again. This list can help you get back on track and stay on track in your songs.



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