Why And How Artists Should Schedule Youtube And Facebook Videos For Release

Why And How Artists Should Schedule Youtube And Facebook Videos For Release

Written by Jaron Lewis

Scheduling your videos for release, rather than releasing them immediately upon completion, can help you ensure your video gets the most traffic possible. You may think that just uploading your video immediately will be the best but you can get more responses and traffic if you plan and schedule the videos’ releases during peak traffic hours.

Why It Isn’t The Best To Just Upload The Videos As You Finish Them

It might seem like a good idea to upload all the videos as you complete them just to get the most out there possible, but that isn’t the case. Posting multiple videos in one day and then none for a few days doesn’t look the best for your YouTube channel or Facebook page. Rather than looking like you stay active on the page, it looks like you’re unprofessional. Posting multiple videos in one day can also cause them to get lost in people’s newsfeeds.

Whereas if you regularly post, they’re more likely to regularly be exposed to your page in their newsfeed. It can also make you look less creative or original to dump all your videos onto one day rather than staggering their release. It can make it look like you had days to weeks with no ideas rather than just no time to work on a video.

What’s So Great About Scheduling The Video Releases?

If you schedule the videos to be posted for peak traffic hours, you can optimize your audience. High profile followers on both Facebook and YouTube obviously follow a lot of other pages and channels, meaning that if you don’t post during the time they’re online, you risk your video getting lost in their newsfeed. Beyond that, assuring your followers see your name and videos at least once every day in their newsfeed will make them feel like they know you personally. Scheduling the posts can also make your life a little easier.

If, in a given week, you have one day that you can complete two or three music videos and two days you don’t have time to make any, you can schedule the release of the two or three you did over the few days you're busy and seem like you're active on social media more frequently.

In Conclusion

There are lots of benefits to scheduling the release of your videos on Facebook or YouTube. You can seem like you're active on social media more often, keep your name in your followers’ newsfeeds, and save you time. Not scheduling the videos can come across as unprofessional.



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