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zZounds Music Review: Bad Or Legit Service?

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

We are fully submerged in the digital era and the internet now provides us with numerous valuable resources that are simply just a click away. Tedious tasks such as staying in touch with friends, job searching, promoting your business, buying and selling products, sharing music with the world, and making yourself known as an artist can all be done easily through smartphones and computers. Traditional methods of doing things in person or through paper have now been circumvented by technology and artificial intelligence — making life as a professional musician much easier. 

It’s likely that most people reading this article we’re born into the digital age of information, therefore it’s difficult to imagine a life prior to the internet. No doubt about it, the music industry is one sector in particular that has done a complete 180 when compared to its means of operation 20 years ago. Thanks to social media, streaming services, and the general internet overall, being a successful musician is now more attainable than ever. 

Technology has provided artists with so many daily luxuries — one simply being the ability to quickly and easily acquire the equipment necessary to produce music. The process of purchasing instruments and audio accessories is now just a simple click away. This has largely evolved and become less of a hassle thanks to websites providing high quality music gear at a fraction of the cost. 

Some veteran and more traditional musicians prefer to shop at a physical store and have a face-to-face interaction when purchasing costly equipment. However, this is becoming increasingly rare due to online marketplaces who are able to provide an in-person customer service feel without ever having to actually leave your house. 

The internet is full of music equipment websites who promise to sell the best products at the very best prices. With so many of these claims, it’s hard to decipher between who is selling legit, high quality gear and who is selling false promises. The proper gear has a great impact on an artist’s creative process and the outcome of their music — which is exactly why you want your retailer to be trustworthy, economically priced, and highly reviewed. 

So, which online musical equipment store can provide all of these traits along with top-brand gear and personalized customer service? The answer is, zZounds. Now before you think “sure, that’s what they all say”, we are going to explain exactly why you can put your trust in this company. In this article, we are going to do a full and unbiased review of zZounds, sharing everything you need to know about the online music gear and instrument retailer before. 

If you have ever lost trust in music equipment stores or have been burned by an online retailer, don’t give up hope just yet. zZounds has been in business for more than 20 years and is one of the most popular and credible musical instruments selling websites of the last decade. Whether you are an amateur or professional musician, quality audio equipment is necessary in order to produce the best work possible. Continue reading to find out all of the products, services, and overall advantages zZounds can provide to you and your music career!

Everything You Need To Know About zZounds

So what exactly is zZounds and why should you trust their products and payment policies? First off, zZounds is a website owned by American Musical Supply — a fact that should already give you some peace of mind seeing how AMS is the leading distributor of instruments and audio accessories in North America. This means that all products sold on the zZounds website are from the same American Musical Supply warehouse and their terms of operation, payments, and shipment are also the same. 

The company began back in 1996 as an online marketplace providing musical products and gear to professionals and amateurs looking for a more affordable and faster buying option. Although the website didn’t stand out from it’s competitors for a number of years, it has certainly become much more modernized and user friendly since its beginning. zZounds now has the support of hundreds of thousands of satisfied users who certify that all its products are not only cheap, but that they arrive on time and in impeccable condition.

In addition, if customers are not completely satisfied with the products they receive, zZounds has a return and exchange policy that is said to be extremely satisfactory. Their 45-day money-back 100%-satisfaction guarantee allows customers to return almost any item for almost any reason with no restocking fees or other penalties. 

This among many other qualities is what makes zZounds such a stand out company in terms of purchasing musical gear and equipment online. But what are the additional features and benefits that make it the best music equipment and gear retailer on the market today? 

Lowest Price Guarantee

Not only does zZounds claim to have the lowest prices, they actually have a policy in place that guarantees it. If you find a product on their website for a lower price from another retailer, they will beat that price before you place the order. 

But say you find an identical product for cheaper after you’ve already purchased it from zZounds — their 45-day Lowest Price Protection Plan allows you to be refunded the difference in price, as long as it’s within 45 days of purchasing. 

All you have to do to get refunded is call or email zZounds and the difference in price will be refunded to the card that was used to place the order. 

Free or Super Low Shipping Costs

zZounds offers free shipping on many items — and you will never get hit with last-minute surprise shipping costs. Shipping costs are clearly shown alongside every product on the site. The site states that they actually lose money by providing their customers with the best possible shipping rates and they want the price of your product to be transparent every step of the way. 

Easy Payment Plans

zZounds offers its four-payment Play as you Pay plan on virtually all new items, and additional payment plans are also available for many items. Installment approval is fast and easy, and almost everyone gets approved. Best of all, they don't charge a cent of interest on any installment order, ever. 

Customers simply select a payment plan during checkout to get started. There's no paperwork, and no interest. The first payment will be made upfront then the remainder is split into equal monthly installments. Users can choose to pay off their purchase throughout 4, 6, 8, or 12 months, depending on how large their order is. 

Product Condition Transparency

zZounds offers a variety of New, Used, Resealed, Blemished or B-Stock products. If you are purchasing a new product, you can assure the products are truly brand-new and shipped from the vendor's factory to their warehouses, then from the warehouse to you — there's no detour through a retail store where the boxes are opened or put on display then sold as leftovers.

Occasionally, the site will have B-stock merchandise from manufacturers and sometimes, customer returns come back in less than perfect condition. They offer these products at special discount prices and will always identify it clearly using transparent classifications. So unless it says otherwise, your product is new from the factory. 

​​45-day Hassle-Free Return Policy

Of course if you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it hassle-free within 45 days of purchase. They allow you to return almost any product for any reason. When returning a product, you can request an identical replacement item, exchange the product for another product, or request a full refund. When procedures are followed, there are no restocking fees.

Simply fill out the Request Return Authorization form for the order or item you have received and they will respond and take care of your request swiftly. 

Huge Selection IN STOCK

zZounds has an inventory about 50 times bigger than a typical musical instrument retail store. So chances are whatever you are needing or looking for, they have it. With highly accurate real-time information on the website showing you which products are in stock at all times, you can be certain when you order an in-stock product that you won't face a surprise delay. 

With real-time information on when out-of-stock products are expected back in the warehouse, you can know what to expect even when they can’t keep up with the demand on a particular item. 

Instant Shipping & Fast Delivery

At zZounds, they know you want your gear fast, and ship it to you free of charge. That’s why they ship orders 7 days a week, with absolutely free ground shipping on every order shipped within the continental United States. This includes heavy and oversized items. No minimum purchase required. No exclusions. 

With their four different warehouses strategically located in Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, and Ohio, 95% of all orders arrive within 1-2 business days of shipment. 

Personalized Service from Musicians for Musicians

At zZounds, you get personalized service from musicians - by toll-free call or email. They pay these musicians on their team to work for you and to give you honest product advice, assisting you every step of the way with any problems or confusion on orders and products. 

They are NOT paid commission. These musicians will understand your lifelong dream of owning a Gibson Guitar, and they'll only ask you for an item number so they can help you faster — not because they've never heard of a Marshall Stack or an SM58. 

You can also find in-depth product information on their website including product manuals, sound samples, and technical specifications. Want to know what other musicians think about a product? Consult the 100,000+ unedited, unbiased user product ratings at

BizRate Approved

zZounds consistently outscores its most frequently shopped competitors on the "Overall" consumer rating - based on unbiased, independent customer surveys. So if all of the above information wasn’t enough to sell you on this online music equipment retailer, this definitely should. 

In fact, zZounds rated so well with that they have been recognized with the prestigious "Platinum Circle of Excellence Award" for 13 years running.

Products & Equipment Offered 

As we mentioned, zZounds has one of the largest inventories of musical instruments, equipment, accessories, and tools. If you can think of a piece of gear, chances are they have it. Some of their various product categories include: 

  • Guitars - Electric, Acoustic, Amps, Effects, Pedals, Accessories

  • Live Sound/PA - Speakers, Microphones, Amps

  • Keyboards/MIDI - Synthesizers, Amps, Controllers, Accessories, 

  • Drums - Acoustic, Electronic, Cymbals, Hardware

  • DJ - Mixers, Turntables, Lighting, Samplers, Controllers, Interfaces

  • Recording - Microphones, Mixers, Monitors, Processors, Workstations

  • Computer Audio - Interfaces, Software, DAW

  • Accessories - Cables, Headphones, Snakes, 

  • Other - Books, Metronomes, Harmonicas, Accordions, Hearing Protection

Wrapping Up

Since 1996, zZounds has been making it easy for musicians to get the audio equipment and musical instruments they need — with fast, free shipping and zero-interest monthly payment plans on guitars, amps, and more from hundreds of top brands. zZounds ships from warehouses across the continental United States, delivering to most customers within just a day or two. 

Among this, they’re trusted and highly rated among thousands and thousands of happy customers. They have anything a musician could ever need whether he or she is a professional performing act or an emerging bedroom producer. 

Our team of professionals here at Omari MC not only highly recommends zZounds, but we also use them for our music equipment and gear needs as well. Which is why we decided to write this review, so that others could be informed on the high quality gear and customer service the company provides.

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