Vocal Techniques The Pros Use To Become Top Tier Vocalists

Vocal Techniques The Pros Use To Become Top Tier Vocalists

Written by Jaron Lewis

You can have natural talent as a vocalist but this natural talent can only really get you so far in the music industry. What separates the top tier vocalists from everyone else is the fact that they utilize different signing techniques to make their vocals stand out.

There are various singing techniques for breathing and high notes that you should be using today if you want to become a better singer. Here you will find a vocal techniques list that will have a positive impact on your vocals and take you further in your career.


One of the biggest things that can affect your vocals is your posture. You will notice a lot of the best vocalists in the industry always have perfectly straight posture while they belt out their turns. When standing straight up, your body becomes perfectly aligned and this relieves tension while allowing your body to support your singing.

Otherwise, you run the risk of restricting air flow and make singing a lot more difficult on your body. You can practice this by standing with your back up against a wall, standing straight with your chin parallel to the floor and singing. You will begin to notice a difference.


Speaking of air flow, your breathing is just as important to your singing. You cannot hold your breath to sing, so you need to learn how to breathe while you are singing. If you have to hold notes and you have not learned proper breathing techniques, you will notice that you are gasping for air long before the notes end.

You will need to learn how to take deeper breaths. Be warned that when you are first practicing this, you may notice a little bit of dizziness. Your body will eventually overcome this as you learn how to breathe more efficiently while singing.

How Your Body Affects Your Singing

You may not be thinking about how your lungs, diaphragm, and your chest cavity can affect your singing but you should be. By being able to tighten this area and expand your ribcage out while singing, you will increase your lung capacity (and breath) and have more control over your singing. These are things that will combine to a better singing voice and help you stay on pitch.

Stay Hydrated

Whenever you see a musician on stage, you will notice a lot of bottles of water nearby. These artists know just how important it is for a vocalist to stay hydrated while singing. If your throat starts to get dry, then your voice will be negatively impacted.

Facial Muscles

Your facial muscles are actually very important to your singing. When you work out these muscles, you are not only going to minimize the effort they need to exert while singing but you will also get more control over your pitch and tone. You will need to warm these up before you begin singing if you want to have better vocals. Doing things like a jaw stretch, yawning, and “the pucker” are going to be helpful with this.



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