7 Surprisingly Professional Apps To Make Music On Your Phone

7 Surprisingly Professional Apps To Make Music On Your Phone

Written by Jaron Lewis

Long gone are the days when you had to be a great musician and also have access to a very well equipped studio to make music. The era of making every single song in the studio faded with the arrival of Garageband 6 on the music scene. While the presence of Garageband 6 on the scene ushered in an era of music makers that didn’t have studios, innovations in technology have moved the production of music from PCs to phones.

Quite a number of people are aware of the fact that music can be produced on a mobile device, not everyone is sure of how to go about this. Well, if you belong to the class of those that do not know what step to take, you need not worry. We have got you covered. Contained in this article are 7 surprisingly professional apps to make music on your phone.

This app is perfect for those that are new to the music production world as well as those that have made a little success out of the music production industry. If you are looking to sound like a great guitar or piano player while making music with a phone, then this is one app you have to get. Consider this app your chord bank. With this app, you can get whatever chord you so desire to strike either on the piano or on the guitar.

The voice recorder and audio editor app is a free app that is only available to IOS users. It can be made use of by both advance and new producers.With this app, you do not only get to record your voice notes, you can also have your files exported in quite a number of formats apart from mp4.

Although this app has a lot of nice features, its downside is it requires a huge storage space. As a result of this, it can’t be made use of by anyone that lacks enough memory space on their phone.

The easy voice recorder app was built for android users. If you are a user of any android devices,this is definitely an app that you would love to have on your phone.

This app has a free version as well as a paid version. If you are considering going for the free version, it is important to note that the free version comes with lots of pop up ads. Well, to save yourself the stress of unwanted adverts, you can purchase this app for just $4.

A digital work station is arguably one of the best things to happen to music lovers that live in the 21st century. It is perhaps the best song maker app for android. With a digital Work Station, you can have access to whatever instrument that you have ever dreamt of playing as long as it is in existence. This app is basically a mini studio and it works on both android and IOS devices.

FL Studio (IOS, Android)

FL studio is a music maker app for android. However, unknown to a lot of people, FL studio is not just compatible with your PC. It can also be used on both your android and IOS devices. This app is one of the best things to happen to the music production industry and can be gotten for $16

Beatwave (IOS)

If you are looking to make beats that are entirely unique but do not have access to a real studio, then, this app is your best companion. There are many apps to make music beats but this one stands out. The beatwave app is available only to IOS users and has both the free and the paid for version.

Casio Chordana Composer(IOS, Android)

With the Casio Chordana Composer app, you can startup a career as a songwriter. To get started with this app, simply insert a two bar riff with the starter notes that have been made available and you just might be on your way to making that hit song that you have always dreamt of.


You do not have to be a music maestro to make good music. With your knowledge of the above named apps, you can make world class music right from the comfort of your bedroom.

Why not go for any which suits your musical needs? I’d bet a dollar, you won’t regret it!



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