An Honest Review: Sc Superfans Vs The Juss Russ Vs Organic Music Marketing

An Honest Review: Sc Superfans Vs The Juss Russ Vs Organic Music Marketing

Written by Cameron Mayo

Marketing music can be hard for an independent artist to do on their own. Artists signed to record labels have marketing companies that will handle promotion, but as an independent artist you have to navigate marketing by yourself and without any experience. Because of this, several companies have started with the independent artist in mind. They offer marketing services and would love to help you out. This post will take a closer look at some of these marketing companies to see if they are legit and explore what they can do for you.

At Omari MC, we have the independent musician at the heart of everything we do. Our promotion is specifically designed to help get under recognized artists the attention they deserve. With a large network of music influencers and a loyal fanbase, we can promote just about any genre you can think of. We don’t use bots or play farms to falsely boost engagement on your music. Only real listeners will get a hold of your tracks.

You can also schedule a phone call with Omari and he will talk with you one-on-one about your music, brand, and marketing strategy. He will answer questions about starting off in the music industry and help you solve any promotion problems you’re facing.

With our top-notch customer service and extensive networks in all major genres, we are excited and ready to grow your fanbase. Whether your music is on SoundCloud, Spotify, or YouTube, we will get legit engagement on your music and build momentum towards stardom.


Is SC Superfans legit? A lot of companies put an emphasis on buying views, which are really fake followers that could ultimately hurt your standing on sites like Spotify. SC Superfans does not seem to take that approach. They focus on EDM, hip-hop, and pop artists grow and getting engagement on their promoted tracks. They have three different packages that offer a minimum of plays, likes, and reposts, claiming that they usually get far more.

They also give some good, general information about how they promote your track, but it might leave you wanting. For the most part, these guys look legit. They talk about their promotion as if it is really organic and they have a good track record on Fiverr.

My only concern is that they offer a hard minimum of plays. If a company ever guarantees a certain number of plays (and especially likes and reposts), you have to be cautious of bots. Bots don’t have friends to share your song with. Having bot-fans will not make you famous. You need real people listening, liking, and reposting your music in order to make some waves in the industry.

Juss Russ is big. They offer a bunch of different services including promotion on all major streaming sites, web design, and marketing management. They also have a blog that covers the news that surrounds the music industry.

Similar to us, organic promotion is the foundation of their product. They have a ton of information about what they do and how they will get your music heard by real people. A downside is that it all seems impersonal. As if the next order that rolls through is just another track.

Their size also seem to be attracting some hate from review companies. There are a few reports out there from customers that have been unsatisfied with their services. Whether these claims are valid, who knows?

It is important to remember on sites offering organic promotion, your music has to be good. Professionally recorded and produced tracks will have a fighting chance with promotion like this, but anything less will just drop dead. So don’t start here if you’ve recorded your single in your bedroom.

Organic Music Marketing is a site that does exactly what it sounds like: organic music marketing. They have a wide selection of services from promotion, to PR kit design, to music video production. They have worked with a lot of artists across different genres, a few of which have got some serious attention. Like Omari MC, they have packages for Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud, and focus on where the bulk of music listeners go for music. Based in Atlanta, Organic Music Marketing has a strong reputation in the industry for delivering new followers and plays.

One mark against them is their roster seems limited. They only show three clients reaching significant Spotify attention and nothing on SoundCloud. Despite having a long list big names they have done business with, there does not appear to be much evidence of their impact on those artists.

To reiterate what I’ve said above, there is a huge amount of unpredictability when it comes to promotion. Although it is super important to promote, nothing can replace good songwriting and a skilled performance.  


Why does it matter if the followers on real or fake? Fake users and purchased plays will only follow you to boost your numbers to appear more popular than you are. However, real followers will listen to your music and generate some buzz by sharing your track to their friends and playing it again and again. A bot is a one off deal. Herein lies the value of organic music promotion.

Truth be told, these are all great services that independent artists will greatly benefit from using. Just be sure to explore each of their sites and services before you invest in one. They are not all created equally and excel in different areas. Also, remember that marketing services do not necessarily guarantee that you are going to get immediate success. If you have a high-quality product, it can still take some time to attract attention to your music. If your music is struggling even with this help, you may need to make some changes to your music or brand. It doesn’t hurt to keep practicing, writing new music, and improving old tracks.



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