Beatstars Vs. MyFlashStore Vs. Soundgine Vs. SoundClick: Which Is Really Best For Producers?

Beatstars Vs. MyFlashStore Vs. Soundgine Vs. SoundClick: Which Is Really Best For Producers?Beatstars Vs. MyFlashStore Vs. Soundgine Vs. SoundClick: Which Is Really Best For Producers?

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you want to know how to sell beats online, you need to know exactly which site is the best site to sell beats. With all of the options that are available to you, knowing the differences and benefits of each of these options are going to really be the best thing for you. Here you will see Beatstars vs. MyFlashStore as well as the many other sites so that you can have an easier time deciding on which one is the best for you.

For the most part, this is the most popular option for producers and there are a few reasons for this. One of the biggest reasons for this is because this website has joined together with YouTube and SoundCloud, which can be very helpful in maximizing your profits. You are also going to get built-in social networking capabilities that can allow for private messaging and other useful options for artists. You can get free and premium features with this website, which offers the ability to earn 100% of profits and a highly customizable site when you pay extra for these features.

Via BeatStars

What really makes this website stand out is that there is a checkout system that is very user friendly that can distribute your content directly to your fans. While it is not a site that exclusively works with selling beats, this is a website that is becoming increasingly popular. It does not have as many ads, which can distract customers and may end up making you lose profits.

Social integration is definitely one of the best aspects to this website as this can make a huge difference in exposure for your beats. There is also a marketplace on this website that you can utilize to help maximize your exposure though you will be charged a commission when using this feature.

In comparison to some of the other sites on this list, this is among the newest option that has grown in popularity over the past 2 years. From this site, you can create your own highly customizable website when you get a membership.

It is a very aesthetically appealing website that is very user friendly for both customers and producers. You can also get embedded players for social media sites to help promote your beats as well as give you the ability to create discounts for customers.

Image Via Soundgine

Originally created in 1997, this website has not changed that much since its creation decades ago. This can be very daunting for users, especially with some of the more attractive options out there. What really makes this website stand out is that it is free, whereas the other sites do require a membership for most features. There is a VIP account that you can get, but you can do pretty decently without paying extra. As long as ads are not a huge issue for you, this could be an excellent site for beats promotion.



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