Best Online Piano Tutorials For Beginners

Best Online Piano Tutorials For Beginners

Written by Jaron Lewis

So you have just purchased your first piano or keyboard, have taken it home and you're ready to go. You have the equipment, you have the enthusiasm, but you don't have the ability...yet. The first thing to do now is seek out the best resources you can online and see how far you can take your progression with the help of the experts.

This method of learning can save you a lot of money as a one hour piano lesson can cost you between $30-$60 alone and you will require many hours, especially in the beginning.

Run by Mr. Hoffman himself who has been described as ‘Mr. Rogers of Piano’ this website is not only educational in that it has over 160 video lessons for you to start your journey but the website itself is fun, colorful and flat out really simply.

It even has a piano tutorial game section where you can practice your skills using interactive and educational fun. He clearly cares about educating people as the basic plan is free and the premium is only $15.00.

Image Via Hoffman Academy

Here you will find a vast range of FREE piano lessons. This library of lessons to help you get started will take you through the basics on this simple but useful website. The sections are clearly set out and useful in that each one has many lessons, so if you are looking for general lessons such as Chord Inversions or Chord Progressions.

There is also a section around basic theory such as time structures, building piano chords and reading chord charts. Not to mention sections such as piano tutorials of  popular songs, scales, song lessons and more. So much to choose from!

This website is good for breaking down the lessons into manageable steps - perfect for beginners. The annual subscription site is not big on long introductions and you will find yourself playing piano from the beginning which is good for the enthusiastic pianist.

You can even connect your MIDI connection into your computer which will mean you can track your progress. Each section has 20 lessons. The early lessons are very much broken down into piano tutorial games making them easy piano tutorials for beginners.

With an extensive list of popular songs to choose from. A great bonus about this site is the fact that there is also an app - so you can access tutorial from anywhere. The initial process involves answering a few key questions to help choose the right level of lessons for your ability, from there you can really progress using the simply layout.

As you can see for a small fee there are a number of resources that will help you progress as a pianist. Some of them offer free trials and free lessons so ur advice would be to try them all and see which tutor you feel the most comfortable with and go with them.



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