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10 Best Piano Learning Apps For Kids & Adults: Unbiased Review

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

Learning to play the piano doesn’t have to be as complicated or confusing as some people may think. Taking lessons from an instructor can be costly and time consuming, but luckily technology has come up with a more efficient method of learning to play the piano

There are many apps on the market that can teach anyone, young to old, how to play the piano. However, the best piano learning apps are difficult to determine especially for those who don't play the piano. Different people also have different styles of learning. Therefore, we are going to share with you 10 different piano learning apps that kids and adults can both use. 

Some of the app’s software is quite intuitive and some require you to have a physical piano or keyboard to use the app. With incorporating fun and easy to use apps along with traditional piano practice, your piano skills will improve much quicker and you will soon move from a beginner learner to advanced.

Check out our list of the 10 best piano learning apps for both kids and adults that are downloadable on both Apple and Windows app stores: 

10 Best Piano Learning Apps for Kids & Adults

Before we jump into the best piano learning apps, it’s important that your child has these two essential prerequisites before learning how to actually play: 

  • They must have the handspan to reach an octave (middle C to the next C). If not, start out with a smaller keyboard to begin learning the basics before moving on to a larger piano. 

  • They must have the desire and willingness to learn how to play. 

Somewhere between the ages of 6-9 years is usually the ideal time to start piano lessons. However, children are at the pre-operational stage between 2-7 years old. This is the time cognitive, language, and motor functions make strong developmental leaps. Learning to play the piano or keyboard can help them at this time.

Piano is aligned with improved memory, mathematics, social, creative, reading and comprehension skills. Simply put, playing piano encourages your child to use their brain, their physical coordination and their creativity.

All of the piano playing apps we are going to list will assist in your child’s music development, which then accelerates early child cognitive development. Take a look at our list below!

This is one of the best and top-rated piano learning apps. It uses a combination of video tutorials and sheet music, along with guidance on the screen to help you position your hands. If you are an adult learning to play or returning to music, Flowkey might be right for you.

If you are reimagining your music career, this app will help you enormously with an essential catalog of 1000 or more songs. Flowkey will provide you with an interactive step-by-step experience. Once you have resurrected your music career, you will be ready to get your song noticed.

Using Flowkey, learning to play piano is a breeze. Play music based on your skill level including beginner, intermediate, or advanced. You also receive instant feedback on our playing as it supports MIDI or microphone connection. Additionally, the app lets you check your achievement every time a course is completed, making it perfect for tracking progress as you learn.

This piano app takes you through the basics like rhythm, scales, and note reading. Once SimplyPiano displays notes and you are guided to play them on the piano keyboard. Perfect for teenagers, as it enables them to play popular music like Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift, and not the usual classics that put most teenagers off music for life. This app gives real hands-on guidance.

Rated as one of the best piano learning for iPhones in 2016, Simply Piano by JoyTunes continues to upgrade. This app is an effective tool for piano players of all levels and learners.

Aside from working in tandem with our real-life keyboard or piano, Simply Piano also registers what we are playing while delivering real-time feedback. We only need to place our device on the piano, and we can then start playing.

Developed by Borce Trajkovski, My Piano offers a realistic sound with technology that allows us to practice our skills anywhere we go. Aside from an extensive array of features, the app is also famous for its high quality sound.

This features eight different effects and 11 musical instruments. We can boost our sound quality and level based on the note range we want through the different effects. The app also allows us to connect our audio in MIDI format with varying controlling velocity, pitch blend, and after touch options.

If you can play by ear, it makes learning music much easier. Some people are born with this ability, and others learn it. This app will develop your aural skills as it incorporates one of the most popular teaching music theory methods called the “Solfege method.” This method trains our ears to determine various notes and understand how they work together.

Training your ears is as essential as training your fingers when playing musical instruments. With Perfect Ear, we can have different learning approaches to play the piano. This android app comes with various tutorials that teach us how to recognize multiple rhythms and chords effectively. In return, we hear music differently.

Piano Academy is easy to use and suitable for all ages. The app helps us transition from beginners to the actual pianist with ease. It efficiently allows us to train our sense of rhythm, hard-coordination, and musical hearing. Additionally, it supports video tutorials and covers topics such as chords, staff, notes, and much more.

This app is great for those who have no previous knowledge in playing the piano. You just need a piano keyboard and the willingness to learn, and that’s it! If you or your child are complete beginners, then this app is for you!

Piano Companion is a music theory app for songwriters, producers, teachers, and students. It’s a flexible piano chord and scale dictionary with user libraries, reverse mode, circle of fifths, and a chord progression builder with common patterns.

If you can’t remember the name of a piano chord or scale, this app will help you to find it by key or using your external MIDI keyboard. For example, just press C and G, and you will get C Major as the first piano chord in the search result. If you don’t see a piano chord or a specific scale, you can create a custom piano chord or scale and use it for chord charts or your user library.

This app is very user friendly and is available for download practically everywhere: macOS/iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, Amazon Store, Windows Phone 8+, Windows 8.1+.

Piano Maestro is the ultimate piano practice tool that will have students quickly playing their favorite classical, pop, rock, TV and video game songs and themes. It is available in the App Store and works on the iPad, making it easy for students and kids to learn on the go.

This app improves skills like note reading, sight reading, rhythm, inner pulse, confidence, and more. It is also built to work with a real acoustic or digital piano. Piano Maestro listens from the iPad’s built-in microphone. No wires needed.

This app is practical and will help you to build your skills, and even better, you will notice the improvement almost immediately. Piano Maestro has 2800 upbeat songs, lesson books, instant rewards and feedback, making it a fantastic option for kids who want to learn to play piano.

Magic Piano is available for both Android and iOS device users and offers an exciting way to learn piano. The unique user interface requires us to follow the light beams in order to make music. We can play a ton of music with various options, from old classic songs to the latest pop hits. 

Additionally, the song list is updated daily and the app allows us to create our own songs. We can change the tempos and rhythms based on the sound we want. Whenever we want to challenge ourselves, there are higher difficulty levels to try. Through the game mode, we can unlock badges and achievements. That way, we can get more songs.

This app for learning the piano comes with an ultra-realistic piano keyboard combined with seven different piano keys. It also includes musical instruments such as vintage piano, grand piano, electric piano, church organ, and more.

The app also features a dual scrollable keyboard that helps us learn tons of classic piano songs. Using this app, we can easily learn to play new songs with ease. New songs are also added weekly on the playbook to keep us practicing

This app provides a fast and simple way to learn how to play songs. No tutorial needed, you just play awesome music games and learn in a fun way and for free. Play the games, try to get all notes perfectly to reach the higher score and be the one and only piano maestro. Learning a new song has never been that simple! New songs are added on the playbook every week for you to keep practicing and to keep you or your kid interested. 

Through interactive and fun tutorials, this app teaches us offline speech and audio. The app also allows us to share the recordings with family and friends. Since it supports standard general MIDI protocol and USB MIDI keyboard, we can connect it with real-life MIDI keyboards or physical pianos.

Every time we want to create or play our desired freestyle music, the app allows us to add beats to the songs we want to compose. Then, we will sync it to a cloud. Lessons covers beginners to advanced with full offline audio lessons in various languages and accents.

Wrapping Up

Learning how to play piano with the above apps will not only be fun and exciting, but easy and convenient as well. These apps will allow you or your kid to practice different songs at home or on the go, and will allow you to track your the progress as you learn. 

You can begin learning the piano or start improving your piano playing skills with ease using any of the applications mentioned above. Comment below and let us know which of these piano learning app is your favorite! 

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