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5 Song Name Generators That Don't Stink

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

The name or title of a particular song can have great influence on whether or not someone decides to click on it and listen or not. Typically, the name of a song is chosen based on the mood, lyrics, or emotion behind the track. Musicians usually give the song a name at the very end of the songwriting process. At this point, it’s normal for creative juices to be run dry and for the artist to draw a blank on inspiration for a song title. 

Coming up with unique song names is not always easy and all musicians have struggled with finding the right word or words to describe their track. If you’ve ever exerted all of your creativity into making the body of the song and have had a loss for words to name a song, then we have the solutions for you.

Luckily, the internet always provides tools to make the life of a musician much easier. Song Name Generators are one of these tools that are used by many artists everywhere in order to come up with catchy song titles. These song name generators simply allow you to insert information about the song such as lyrics, genre, and mood. The generator then takes this data into consideration and comes up with the perfect title to reflect your song.

However, many of these platforms you will find on the internet today are less than par. With so many sites like this available, it’s difficult sifting through the good ones and the bad ones. This is why our team at Omari MC has done the vetting of these tools for you. We’ve searched and found the 5 best song name generators on the web, so you don’t have to take time out of your creative process to look for one yourself. 

5 Best Song Name Generators Online

Song titles can be thought of as a reflection of the track entirely. If you’ve worked hard to create a beautiful piece of music, you want to make sure its name is just as appealing as the song itself. So, when it’s time to name your next track, don’t settle for anything ordinary. Try out one of the 5 Song Name Generators mentioned below and you may be surprised at how much inspiration you will find! 

1. Chosic

If you’re stuck looking for a beautiful name for your song, start here. This Song Name Generator tool offered by Chosic will give you countless ideas of diverse song name mixes by mood and genre of your choice.

This tool is the best place where you can get creative song titles, as it is designed to ensure cool, memorable and meaningful titles for tracks every time.

Aside from their fantastic song name generator, the website offers many other helpful tools for musicians and producers alike. They have generators to help you come up with names for your beats and instrumentals, along with generators to find band names and playlist names. There are also other features to use for discovering new tracks, organizing your music, plus much more. Any musician or music lover needs to check out the site for themselves!

With Masterpiece Generators’ song name finder tool, you can easily and quickly conjure up a perfectly unique song title with just a few clicks. What’s so great about this site is that users are able to type in a few keywords of their own, or they can use an automated keyword picker provided. 

If you want to enter your own words related to the track, it will ask you a variety of question about the song: 

  • A singular noun that features in it

  • A plural noun

  • An adjective

  • A personal name

  • A place 

  • A verb

Once you enter in this information, all you have to do is click the ‘Write Me a Song Name’ button and boom — you have your song title!

The website is also equipped with multiple other generators such as rapper name generator, band name generator, and freestyle lyrics generator. This is one of the most detailed generator tools on the market and one we highly recommend! 

The song name generator from customized a list of different song names from one single keyword the user enters. This works great if you already know a particular word that you want included into the title, but aren’t sure of how to phrase it. 

Once you enter in the single word you want used in the title, it will then have you choose from the parameters below asking about the format of that word:

  • Abstract noun (Something you cannot physically touch. Ex: Love, Music, Sound) 

  • Concrete noun (Something you can physically touch. Ex: Car, Hand, Dog)

  • Verb (Something you can do in ‘ing’. Ex: Loving, Running, Rocking)

  • Plural (Ending with ‘S’. Ex: Cars, Girls, Lovers)

  • Adjective (Describes a noun. Ex: Big, Loud, Pretty)

After you’ve typed this information into the website, it then generates 10 different song names for you to choose from. If you don’t like the names it first provides, you can always hit refresh for new ones. 

As we’ve mentioned, a unique and exciting song name plays a big part in whether someone actually chooses to listen to the song or not. So, what is more unique and exciting than a word that someone has never seen or heard of before?

The Fake Word Generator isn’t specifically a song name generator in itself. Instead, it generates fake words or pseudowords words — which look like they are real, but actually have no meaning. 

This fake word generator will generate all kinds of words, some real words put together, others are totally new. It is a fantastic tool for coming up with song titles that are completely out of the box. Although the word or title itself may have no real meaning, the sounds and music you put behind it can create the meaning of the word all on it’s own! 

Although the name says business name generator, this generator website offers much more than just that. This platform is full of different name generators that will help you find inspiration for your next big hit. Among the many are name generators for blogs, brands, domains, bands, products, podcasts, usernames, and much more. There is no particular ‘song name generator’ listed on the page but among all the other different generators available, you are sure to find one that can formulate your perfect song title.

It will ask you to type in different keywords into the search bar. From there, it takes your words and mashes up thousands of different titles and names related to whichever generator you have chosen. This is not only great for finding song titles but any other titles or names that are business related. If you somehow do not find your perfect song title through this website, you are sure to draw inspiration for other projects or ideas you may have.

Wrapping Up

These 5 different song name generators can be very helpful in selecting your next song title for your next big hit. Too often musicians work tirelessly on a track and when it comes to the stage of finding it a name, ideas have eluded you. One would think that coming up with a song name would be the simplest part of the entire project, but it is not always that way. Thankfully the internet is full of tools and resources that help artists in each and every stage of the music making process.

Don’t let your music go unheard or unnamed, sitting on your computer for nobody to enjoy. Your tracks deserve to be listened to by the world. It is often a scary and vulnerable situation for musicians to take the final step of releasing their music to the public — but it’s the most important and necessary step of the process. So what are you waiting for? Go find your unnamed track, use one of these generators mentioned above to give it an official title, and publish that song for everyone to enjoy! 

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