How To Record A Song: The Ultimate Guide For New Artists

How To Record A Song: The Ultimate Guide For New Artists

Written by Jaron Lewis

Recording a song is not as easy as you may think it is. You will really need to learn how to record a song on your computer or how to record a song on your phone so that you can upload your songs easier to various websites to get your music out there. It can also be helpful to learn how to record a song on SoundCloud as this is one of the rising websites for independent and new artists to get noticed. This will offer you tips that will help you get a better recording.

How To Record A Song On The Computer

You should have a DAW program such as ProTools or Logic or FL Studio to help enhance your music, taking it to a new level before you begin. This is software that can not only record your music but allow you options to edit it so you get a higher quality product.

You also want to make sure that you have a high quality microphone, which will also help your vocals. Within this program, you can start recording your music. After you have finished recording, you can use a plug-in to this software to mix the songs once there are created.

How To Record A Song On Your Phone

Much like the computer has software to help you record your music, you can also get an app for your smartphone that will allow you to record high quality music directly onto your phone. Each of these apps offer something different, so you should look into exactly what you are looking for when recording music so you know which app will best help you achieve this goal.

How To Record A Song On Soundcloud 

You can upload songs onto SoundCloud but you can also record your songs directly onto this website. One important thing to remember when you are doing this is that you need to have the latest version of Flash installed before you can get started. You will also need to have an email account with the website.

When you go to the upload page, you will notice an option for recording right next to the “Choose Files” option. Your Flash settings need to be able to access your microphone, otherwise this will not work. You are allowed to play the song back and redo it until you are happy with the results.

Other Tips

It is pretty important that you record in a space that has acoustics that are conducive to recording music. The worst thing that you can have is something like echoes in the background that tarnish your recording. You also want to be sure you have the proper equipment to record, which is especially important if you are using your computer to record the music.

You will want a microphone that is of good quality as well as a pop filter, which will help filter out unpleasant sounds that may be in the background. You should also consider going back to the song after a few days to ensure that it meets your expectations. This will help you to notice anything you may have missed before.



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