How to Make A Good Music Video Go Viral: 10 Key Steps

How to Make A Good Music Video Go Viral: 10 Key Steps

Written by Jaron Lewis

Online social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more is one of the most popular mediums to showcase talent with maximum global reach. The smart-phone has even broadened the dimension of viral videos with its outreach. The trick to reach masses lies in the process of how to make a professional music video that is attractive and appealing.

Lots of tricks and methods are available, but the choice remains in the hands of the user and his knowledge of how to make a video collage with music that is liked by millions. Few suggestions always stand fruitful while creating a good music video and posting it on  the internet.

Step 1

The first step is to think out of the box and instead of opting for usual marketing methods, devise a marketing plan that is innovative and has the maximum outreach. Marketing will always aid in reaching out to a larger audience. These days social media marketing has been very impactful one can try that too.

online marketing

Step 2

The second step is keeping the content of the video simple. The main target is to reach maximum viewers, so the content is very critical. The idea is to be short and sweet, the first few scenes should make the maximum impact, so that people feel the urge to share and like. How to make a homemade music video with the phone, is an art that should be mastered before creating one for a wider audience.


Step 3

The third step, involves having an interesting music piece in the video that is catchy and rhythmic. Everyone has a love for music and how to make a video collage with music is a challenge when attempting to go viral.

Step 4

Your intro and end screens are crucial in getting fan engagement. Your video should capture the audiences attention within the first 10 seconds! I've seen people spend all their budget on a music video that might look nice in the end but took far too long to get into the story.

You should have an end screen for people to subscribe to your YouTube channel as well. Check out the video below for reference at the beginning and end and adapt it to fit your style.

Step 5

The fifth step would be to find who can be the possible companies who would want to collaborate and share the music videos in their respective platforms.

Step 6

The basic rule of thumb for having a popular music video is to have an emotional touch to the video. Therefore, the sixth step involves adding a touch of emotion like love, sadness, anger, anxiety; it should be made in such a way that it hits the right chords of the heart to create an emotional appeal.

Step 7

The seventh step is to make the video shorter in length, as most people are in a hurry these days, nobody likes to watch long videos, and the video should focus on spreading the message in a few minutes.


Step 8

The eighth step involves learning about the various digital marketing methods like Search engine optimization and applying them, so that the video becomes easily searchable along with other hot keywords. By the time one learns how to make a professional music video, the person also learns the various sites and blogs which are interested in posting new content and videos.

Step 9

The ninth step would involve sending an email to the blog links and posting the videos your Youtube account and sharing it through the rest of your social media profiles.

Step 10

Finally, the tenth step involves, being prepared to face criticism once the video goes viral. The attention should focus on taking the criticism positively and getting the most out of the criticism. The contact details are the most important thing that should be in place for anybody who wants to collaborate.



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