How To Promote A Concert With Little Or No Money

How To Promote A Concert With Little Or No Money

Written by Jaron Lewis

Concert promotion often makes for a ridiculous budget, especially if you are dealing with an unknown band that needs a lot of coverage before the event. It is very difficult for up and coming bands to start any kind of concert marketing plan if they don’t have a solid cash injection, making it even more difficult to grab the attention of music lovers. Luckily there are many ways in which you can promote your concert even if you are on a tight budget or no budget at all. Here are a few easy tips to use.

Social Media

The most important thing that you can do at this stage is increase your social media following. You need to target people who love the type of music you play and people who are in the area of the concert. Post regularly on every social media account that you own and make sure that the fans you already have share it and interact with it.

Make it interesting, vibrant and exciting so that people want to go. Social media sites that work the best for this is Facebook, Twitter, and of course Instagram.

Get Your Bio Out There

The worst thing you can do for your band is to leave no trace of you online. People don’t want to invest their time in something that is unknown. Build a website, write a bio and get it out there. Make sure that your fans and potential fans know what your band is all about and where your next concert will be.

If they type your name in Google, they should be able to find something about the band or the concert you’ll be playing at, no matter how small it is.

Press Photos

Unfortunately, if you are a start-up band of a start-up manager, you are going to have to sell your concert like it’s going out of fashion. Get some professional press photos of the entire concert venue or bands that will be performing and post it on your website or social media pages. The fans are going to want to identify with who is playing and some might even recognize a friendly face, drag the people they know to the concert and basically do your marketing for you.

Make sure the photos express the vibe you want to create – this is why a professional photographer is a good idea.

Free Downloads

The best way to get people to listen to new music is to give it to them for free. People love free stuff so the chances are high that they will download it. If they love it they’ll consider attending the concert.

Do Some Ground Work

Get out there yourself and talk to people about the show in person. I understand we are in the digital age, however, that does not mean you can't inform people via verbal communication. You have a greater chance of getting someone to come to a show after you build even the slightest personal relationship with them.

Even if it is a “hey you should check out our band” and a smile afterward. You could make an impression and get that person to come to the concert and maybe bring friends.

Pick A Reasonable Time, Date, And Venue

You have to pick a place to hold the show that will also attract a crowd. If you just perform outside of your house by the dumpster, nobody will show up. However, if you’re performing at a venue with a reputation you can easily get more people to stop by and show support.

Also pick a date and time to perform that could suit your audience. Weekends would be your best bet that way less people would be at work during your set.

See What Other People Do

Go to other concerts and see what others do to attract large crowds. Pay attention to detail and think about how you can implement it at your own concert. You can even check out other bands’ social media pages to get a better marketing idea.



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